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AAL Oval Festival
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AAL Oval Festival
The AAL is pleased to announce its next series for 2008, the "AAL Oval Festival"

http://www.australasianleague. ... ces/AAL_Oval_Festival.gif
A huge thanks to KNAPPO for the amazing series logo!

This 4 round series will initially put drivers into lower powered road and open wheeler cars. We then bump it up a notch and get the high powered toys out of the garage for some fast and furious drafting action

Each round will comprise of 2 races, each of about 30 minutes duration as detailed below.

Series Schedule

[B]Round 1:[/B]
13th Aug - XR Turbo - 2 x 36 laps

[B]Round 2:[/B]
27th Aug - FOX - 2 x 40 laps

[B]Round 3:[/B]
10th Sep - XRR - 2 x 47 laps

[B]Round 4:[/B]
24th Sep - FO8 - 2 x 50 laps

Entries for the first round open on 2nd August

Special notes for this series:
1) your HLVC time will determine your grid position for Race 1 of each round. There will be no qualifying.
2) Late (non-HLVC) entries will only be accepted if there is only 1 server and they will start from rear of grid.
3) Grid order for race 2 of each round will be reverse grid of race 1 finishing order. Drivers who DNF in race 1 will start at the rear of the grid
Aww i can't sign up cuz of my school program in Clunes for a term :-( Sounds good tho.

AAL Oval Festival
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