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26th Febuary 60 Lap GP
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Quote from MyBoss :Just one question, when I'm exiting the pit, I can't cross the pit line?

Just want to be shure.

If there is a car approaching anywhere from the home straight to T1 you must stick to the pit lane. If the track for exit is 100% clear and no cars appraching you may cross the line. But i ask that everybody uses extreme caution.
Quote from GianniC :Go my fellow Cabbies
Make ATC ! And illepall ! And :drunk: ! And :sick: ! And :margesimp ! And :jawdrop: ! And :wtf2: ! And :hbomb: ! And :weeping: ! And :weeping: (again!)!


lol s_cks you can only put in 10 images?!

are you insane? SCCC may aswell quit now while their behind!!!

BTW. This race will be on LFS Spectator.

Damaged the Car Early on and the Ran out of Fuel,

Need to Practice with more Cars other then just Myself all the time,

I made LOOADS of mistakes which put me at the back. I ended up 6 laps down. But i had fun being ble to see some great battles coming past

The Winner?

SCCC Lake :'(
Good race. Though I was on my own most of the time, hadn't raced much on that track before so I didn't put up much of a fight in the duels.

But my ass feels real weird right now, damn. I need to buy a shari with massage in it :-P
Good clean race for me with an incident out of my control that caused me to lose any chance of podium when i was fighting for it: Roomie decided to download vids from a joke site and i lagged so badly i decided to back off from the 3-way battle for the position.

My most consistent full-length race though, I'm happy-ish with 5th

And of course, thank you ATC, SCCC and all the other participants. Grats to Lake for the win!
well i have a good race, i started in 6th and finished in 6th but it was not that easy. congrats go to all who made it through to the finish and hope to see you all in the AS CL GP
Great race!

I am very pleased with my quali time :o
Good race chaps, my arms are killing me and my clutch foot has given up entierly. Was certainly eventfull for me, After getting collected in the T1 incident, I managed to fall of at the sweeper on L18 and blew out both rear tyres on L39 and lost control. (sorry if i scared you Ynot:schwitz and spent the next 2 mins swearing profusely trying to get to pit (ended up spinning into my pitbox to face the wrong way ).

shame my cunning plan (R4/R4/R3) was ruined in L18 by my mistake but that's racing. let's hope that AS club can hold 23 racers at a time

Nice one Lake, Well deserved win!
Who was the winner again?

Oh wasnt it SCCC Lake?

what was it again? Could it be Lake from South City Cab Co?

yes I think it was....go SCCC!!
I look Baaaaaaad when you look in detail, except for 3rd highest climber
i look worse
When do we sign up for the Aston race?
ill have the fll details up soon. Still undecided on either te 12th March or or 19th
#93 - Vain
12th. That's nearer .

thats also the 1st F1 race.
But the F1 race is in the morning and the 60 lap GP in the evening.
yes. know.. anyways. i spoke to rogue today and he said he is happy to race on the 12th. so the next GP will be on the 12th and the thread will be up in a few minutes.
Was a nice race.
But SCCC's dont forget to stay humble even on victory
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26th Febuary 60 Lap GP
(97 posts, closed, started )