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OLFSL S2 Pit For Speed !
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OLFSL S2 Pit For Speed !
On behalf of the OLFSL staff, I am more than happy to announce our much anticipated next season, OLFSL S2 Pit For Speed. Nomen est omen, therefore the theme for this new season is mandatory pitstops - there will be one per event with the exception of the two rallycross events. Pitstops can be taken any time except the first or last lap.

Another theme is to race two consecutive events at the same (or similar) track, but with different cars/classes. We tried to use a mixture of something new and something old and we hope you like it. The last event of season is really a classic combination of cars & track, but with the updated Blackwood it is really worth revisiting. The season will launch on the 30th of March 2008 - we are really looking forward to this and hope to see all of you with us on track.

Some of you got familiar with the new online qualifying system (LFSQual) we tested through the Warmup events and it will used throughout this season too. For those who didn't get to try it yet; after qualifying is open (normally right after race) you have 12 laps available to make your best time. A lap is counted when you cross the first split, so make good use of your laps. You are, of course, allowed to practice offline as much as you wish but the qualifying lap must be done online on a predefined server. Also, there will be a staff member spectating the qualifying session for the last 2-3 hours to make sure there are no problems. We strongly suggest that you don't leave it to the final hour to avoid crowding the server.

The schedule is updated and you are free to subscribe to season.

Gentlemen, warm you engines...
Qualifying server will be open as follows:

8th of March: Qualifying opens at 0:00GMT for testing and practice.
14th of March: Qualifying ends at 18:00GMT.

All times from the above session are then cleared and everyone gets their laps back.

15th of March: Qualifying opens at 0:00GMT.
28th of March: Qualifying ends at 18:00GMT.
#3 - t1ger
I would just like to point out that the first qualifying session (from 8th to 14th of March) is going to be running the car and track from event 1 (ie LX6 @ SO Town) and is to allow everyone to get used to the format in case they missed the warmup events for any reason.

It is also a way of getting any bugs out of the system. Please use this thread to report issues and bugs.

The second qualifying period (from 15th to 28th March) will start afresh with all the times from the first period being cleared. This period will then form the grid for the event.

Why are we not pitting on the Rally ones? I don't mind, but it sort of goes against the name.
I'm thrilled to see the season starting, can't wait to see the usual pool 4-6 crowd around me
Have fun all!
Looking forward to this 1
South City Town (30.03.2008)

Looking forward to that race event

where are the details, qualifying etc etc. times.
I like the concept of driving the same track with different cars. Looks like it's gonna be a fun season
Can Sonicrealms Racing ([SR]) be added to the team drop-down menu in signups?
Quote from Gil07 :Can Sonicrealms Racing ([SR]) be added to the team drop-down menu in signups?

There a link for this in our site. Check the left side menu when logged in - there's "Add your team" which you can use.
That's it, I didn't register because I feared I wouldn't be able to select team afterwards

Will do now, thanks.
where is the server? edit: i found server 3 all though it is set up for a race not quali?
Quote from anttt69 :where is the server? edit: i found server 3 all though it is set up for a race not quali?

The server is called OLFSL Qual by 500servers. It should be there and online
server is passworded?
Quote from anttt69 :server is passworded?

Yes, and password is in the passwords section. You can see that in Race weekend => Passwords when logged in.
thing is I cant log in, i requested a new pass but it will not come. Can you send me a new one pls mr V??
:bump: I still cannot log into the website??

edit: russ sorted it out for me , seems you are busy mr v.

OLFSL S2 Pit For Speed !
(19 posts, started )