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Round 4 - Aston Nat R - Post race discusion
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Round 4 - Aston Nat R - Post race discusion
round 4 post race discussion here

for me , all went bad , i realized after about 2 laps of race , that my camber had moved somehow , and was eating the tires , then i crashed cos i had no tyre left so , my first round without points
see u all at round 5
I was REALLY impressed with that round, had some awesome racing with Spanky, Hannu, Loco, Ant, Felix and many more, really touch and go stuff, just pure, out and out racing.

Anyone reading this who hasn't watched any RSWC races before WATCH THIS ONE, it's some of the best racing you will find in LFS I think.

Really top notch stuff guys
A race to forget.
My old X setup was bad and after my little tweaking it has gone much worse. RF tyre was gone after 5 laps and flat after 10 laps.
After all i'm happy with 2 points after last lap overtake (good fight Bean0) and P1lot's retirement.
First of all, I would like to apologise to Lococost for taking him out on T1. I had a laggy start and you just appeared in front of me

And secondly, I would like to apologise for the person I ran into as i ran wide into one of the corners along the back straight.

Anyway, well done to the winners
absolutely wicked race... i screwed-up what was possible to screw-up... sorry all
14th, not bad for first league race I guess... scored some points. But could be better, went out of the track once and spun.. But was pretty nice, specially the first laps with all those cars together

Great league you have here guys, looking forward to the next races
Have to agree with Dan, what a race! I just couldnt get a good laptime in practice and in quali, still dont understand why... First corner I get taken out by Nial (lag happens I guess ). So had to start from the back, managed to give it all during the rest of the race, had good fights and ended up from 23th to 5th.
For me these cars are really what LFS is about, good honest on the edge door to door racing.
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#8 - Bean0
Not the best of results for me, but some excellent racing and great fun.

Punctured the front right on lap 14 which put me on my own near the back, but lack of concentration and pushing too hard set up a great last lap fight with Kid, it could have been a photo finish had I not overcooked the final bend.

Hopefully I'll fair better next time
#9 - Vain
During the last few laps of practice right before the race I noticed that my brake had gone haywire and I had 5-10% brakes on on the straights. Thus I had to recalibrate the tyres with more sensitivity in a smaller area to stay away from the faulty 0% point.
With that change I completely lost it in quali. I left the track three times because I failed to dose the brake-power correctly. Still managed a honorable 5th though.

In the race I started off cautiously into T1 because I didn't want to make a mistake on the new brakes. I think that caught Hannu behind me by surprise. Sorry if I caused you problems.
It took me until lap 4 to get close to GFresh and we had a nice little fight. Sorry for some contact on the brakes there, I was trying to avoid it...
Later on I came up to Ghost in second which proved to be a very enjoyable fight. Nice driving there.

Considering the circumstances, a nice race.

I have to admit this wasn't my favorite race so far. First of all, till the qualifying ends with me in 8th place, i was satisfied. After that, it turned out to be a nightmare.
At the start, i was cautious enough not to cause any accident, losing 1 or 2 places. While on back straight of lap 2, i was hit a bit from Gav dropping me at 18th place. I was a bit disappointed, hopefully he let me pass him again so i don't have anything else to say.. I tried to regain positions and i managed to be around 12th at lap 6. Then on the same straight again i was just behind from Wimpie and i respected the fact that he tried to keep a defensive line, but just before braking he turn his wheel the opposite direction hitting me and taking me out. While i was stuck on the sand, almost everyone else got ahead of me and i had to climb up once again from around 20th place. I was starting to get pissed after that because Wimpie didn't even let me pass him again. On the start of next lap, after the chicane i was passed from eraser and he didn't left me any room at the exit of the corner, pushing me on the barrier. I was really mad at that moment and i don't know how i controlled myself, not to fall on eraser's rear end at the end of the straight. Being angry, i managed to overtake a few once again and finish at 9th place.
Really disappointing for me, sorry for the last lap wrong way driving to those who hadn't finished yet, but i felt the need to help G.Burton finish .
Dunno why people said that, it was only Gavin Burton that was still racing, but he WASN'T Racing, he was stopped cos he ran out of fuel, still, going the wrong way around the track, at any stage before and after the race, isn't ever a smart thing to do :P
From my post on my team forum.
Quote :...qualifying 13th wasn’t so bad.

I got away well from the line, as did Kid222 ahead of me, and we caught up lococost to go 3 wide into T1. I was on the outside and taking care, but niall09 came in too hot from behind and spun lococost. I was then following a gang of FZ50s (is that the collective name?) and there was no point blocking them on the straight.

Lap 2 and approaching the half way chicane I came upon [GR]Evolution going slower into the corner than I expected, I am sorry to say I hit him. Then niall09 came between us and hit [GR]Evolution as well which spun him round. Feeling responsible for initiating this I waited up until [GR]Evolution had passed me again which unfortunately meant dropping 10 places as he recovered. Niall09 carried on.

Now I was 3rd from last and had to battle through the field again. Some made grassy detours and I passed others, it was proving fun. By lap 6 I had reached 3 squabbling FZ50s and passed them, followed by swapping positions with Bean0 for several laps which probably cost us both time. I would pass on the corners, he would pass on the straights, both compromised. Sorry to him for bumping him up the bum approaching the chicane again on lap 7. I should have accounted for the longer braking distance of the FZ50 there. Tobsen00 had caught us as well.

A couple more drivers decided to build sand castles and I was up to 10th. By lap 11 I think some FZ50s were struggling with their tyres. Mine however were ideal, staying at optimum 70ºC. Throughout the week I had actually tweaked something better from my starting setup for once!
By lap 15 I was up to 9th and feeling pretty pleased with myself to have managed that against so many FZ50s. [GR]Evolution had dropped down due to other incidents but I noticed he was now leading the pack behind and catching. I put in some consistent laps with the aim of holding on, this was 'serious racing' time.

On the last lap I had the most awful thing happen to me in all my simracing... I ran out of fuel!
It was dreadful watching each car pass me. After finishing [GR]Evolution gave me a push for a consolatory 20th place, cheers.

Nice race!
I passed 2 FZs on start of race and gained 2nd position. Laps 1-10 were quite ok, DaveWS in front was much faster, Vain and Gfresh a few seconds behind. Little crisis came on lap 11, my front right tyre was very hot so I had to slow down. Vain deleted gap between us and succesfully passed me. I tryed to get my position back, but it wasn't possible. Vain's FZ50 was faster and my front tyre very hot. During last a few laps my tyre got cold and I was going faster and faster. But nothing changed, 3rd finally. Thx to Vain for good fight and sorry for hit.
Quote from BlueFlame :Dunno why people said that, it was only Gavin Burton that was still racing, but he WASN'T Racing, he was stopped cos he ran out of fuel, still, going the wrong way around the track, at any stage before and after the race, isn't ever a smart thing to do :P

Kid and myself were almost a full lap behind, and passed Gav when he was stationary.
As I was coming onto the straight at full pelt, there was suddenly a car coming at me
Quote from Bean0 :Kid and myself were almost a full lap behind, and passed Gav when he was stationary.
As I was coming onto the straight at full pelt, there was suddenly a car coming at me

Oh, I didn't see that on the replay, that's pretty pathetic then from Evolution, he should of just gone the right way around. Simple.
And I've screwed up my race again. On first lap, last corner (if you don't count last two as corners), I've entered turn with quite some understeer and in the middle my dog wanted to jump on my lap. Little grass eating on exit of a corner and whoosh, fence.

Didn't want to continue (didn't have damage or anything) because I was all shaking and didn't want to do something stupid in the middle of a pack.

Anyone have any tips how to calm myself before race?
I'll be forced to leave league racing in general:-\ and I don't really want to do that.
Just don't worry about it too much, just try and visualise doing well, don't get flustered, and think positive.

If something bad happens, try and put a positive spin on it, like if you make a mistake, or crash, just use it as an excuse to race the cars in front.

So, my best advice is, don't take it too seriously, obviously serious enough to race in the league, but it's not life or death, relax, positive mental attitude, and most of all enjoy it.
Thank you for advice

I have no problems with pick up races, even if they are longer. I can just relax and do my thing.
In league race I allways end up thinking "what if I bump someone in T1 and mess up race for everyone" before the race.
I guess I need to get out of that state of mind.

Will try and stay with happy thoughts .

Thanks again
Yup, think positive young padawan
#20 - bozo
@Blackeye, I know what you mean about not wanting to harm other driver's racing. It is different in a league, but contact can happen sometimes and you shouldn't worry about it. As long as you are familiar with the track through practice, and if you get a chance to drive the combo in pick-up races then that would also help, then you shouldn't have any problems. Whenever I have raced with you I have thought you are a very fair driver.

The more you race in a league the easier it becomes. You'll be familiar with the format, and you'll also become familiar with the other drivers, especially those with whom you are normally racing. I do hope that you persevere.
Qualifying went well, although I couldn't believe how quickly the tyres were warming up, so I spent a few laps cruising to give myself another attempt, but the first lap was good enough.

..And the race went well. I was able to push for the first 2 laps to give myself a gap at the front, then I realised I was murdering the tyres so backed of a second a lap or so until the finish.
Yeah, the more you race with people, the more you know where they generally are, what moves they are likely to take, will they try and overtake under braking, or brake early and get you on the way out.

We have a great bunch of drivers in this league, and generally, it is always a pleasure to race against them, clean, hard and fair, give it time, you will get a feel for how others drive.

Edit @ Dave, were you flatshifting?, if so, how , it might be just the way it shows in the replay, but it looked like it
Quote from danowat :
Anyone reading this who hasn't watched any RSWC races before WATCH THIS ONE, it's some of the best racing you will find in LFS I think.

Well, if someone posts the replay, I will Please, I'm dying to watch this race.
thanks a lot

Round 4 - Aston Nat R - Post race discusion
(32 posts, started )