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Round 2 : South City Long Rev : Pre-race discussion
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Slow in / Fast out, and, no sliding.

the FZ is one of those cars that atcually goes faster, the slower you drive it, if that makes any sense, it's easy to over-drive it, and make it slower
All info sent out, Ant, clear ya bloody pm box........again........
I am in the 1.51's. Still don't have a good periferale brake marker for the first corner though.
There doesn't seem to be one, not sure braking is a good idea there, seems to be better to just lift.
my times vary between 1.52 and 1.54... :/
After getting some laps in last night, I've improved from doing 52/3s to 51/2s with the odd 50.x thrown in with race fuel load...I'm pretty happy with that, should hopefully be competetive with the midfielders.

I'm getting all 4 tyres off the ground where the straight starts to turn right and go downhill, is this normal for other people, or does my setup need fiddling with to keep the tyres on the road ?
Dunno about all 4, but I normally get the 2 fronts off the ground there (FZ50)
At first I thought it was just the fronts, but checking the replay showed that I get completely airborne.

I'm also in the FZ, I think it may well become one of my favourite cars by the end of the season
Dan how can you lift off at the first corner and STILL be fast...
Seriously, and answer honestly. Are you an Alien?

Does anybody see the cP logo on this?
Nope, no green blood here .

Dunno, I just do it.......
If I back off, I would crash, if i do it earlier to adjust, i will be too slow, whats the deal?
Use the force :jedi:
... and your balls.
sorry cant race tonight my bro's took his comp back & I have'nt fixed mine yet.
race will be tomorrow - not tonight ...
Quote from anttt69 :sorry cant race tonight my bro's took his comp back & I have'nt fixed mine yet.

Lucky the race is tomorrow then
Quote from danowat :Lucky the race is tomorrow then

Spirit of Lfsn00b continues to live on!
It's like Dan said, not overdriving, not entering the corners too fast etc etc. Keep up the momentum.
Quote from spankmeyer :Spirit of Lfsn00b continues to live on!

hahahahahahah, Spanky, seriously, you should be a comedian. Finnish humour is the best anyway, but, still.
I haven't played in a long while, so tonight I realized maybe too late (names seemed familiar somehow) that I might have butted into a private race.
You guys should set a password and/or boot unregistered players before starting official races. I don't know if that's what I raced in a few minutes ago, but if I did, I apologize for any disturbance it made.
No, you were fine mate, race hadn't started, I always ask non league racers to leave, and password before the event starts.

Round 2 : South City Long Rev : Pre-race discussion
(47 posts, started )