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reasonably priced gaming cockpit
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That screen would fall off easily
can u fix it down atall?
No need to. It will wobble a tiny bit, but my screen has never came close to ever moving a inch off of the platform and I jerked on my wheel as hard as I can in a hacksaw type of motion. If you are the paranoid type, I am guessing you could clamp it down with a little effort. Most likely $2-3 in supplies could get it done. C-clamps, bungees if you prefer, etc.
not sure if this reply was posted but does it come with the g25
Well considering the G25 can cost more then this cockpit....No
Quote from Ricksta :That screen would fall off easily
can u fix it down atall?

Cheers Takenover and the same goes for me after running the cockpit for 12 months.

Ricksta, if you'd like to see a video of the cockpit being used, check out the "Gallery" page of our website.

Foamy101, now that would be an incredible deal hehehhe!!!
Quote from Takenover83 :I got my cockpit today. Very pleased so far. Can't be beat for $185.
Thanks Chris.

Awesome!! Gratz!!

Can you tell me how much leg room there is to your Momo pedals? That the exact setup I'm going to run.

And, we need a full review

Chris E30,
Hopefully I'll be ready to place order soon.
Hey Cargo....glad to hear it man If you want one of the US$185 units then don't be shy, they are moving pretty darn fast.

Plenty of leg room with the seat all the way back, keep in mind it slides just like in a car.
If you could express "plenty" in "inches" I would be most gratefull.

I'm 6'4" with 36" inseem and plenty for some is not always plenty for all.

Oh never mind... I guess I'll just have to find out later when I put it together.
yeah i'm 6'5" and also interested in how well it will fit me. i imagine it would be fine with the seat all the way back.
@ Chris E30 Cab

Have you anychance found a uk distribution yet?
wow takenover did u get that from cab?? if u didnt tell me where
Quote from Cargo :If you could express "plenty" in "inches" I would be most gratefull.

I'm 6'4" with 36" inseem and plenty for some is not always plenty for all.

Oh never mind... I guess I'll just have to find out later when I put it together.

Not really sure how I'd measure it, but I'm 6'2" with 34" inseam and when the seat is all the way back I can stretch out my legs straight and the soles of my shoes just touch the G25 pedals.....hope that illustrates it better for ya.

We're workin on UK & European distributorship, and appreciate the enthusiasm coming from that part of the world. Hopefully we'll have a solution soon. In the meantime, if you are interested in the flawed cockpit at US$185, then shipping from Seattle to UK may not be too high.
Is the paint lead-free?
You know, my wife has a lead kit around here somewhere. I should find out.
unless there is lead in powdercoat you'll be fine
Will the Euro supply be rusted as well? Great deal that
Ozone Cockpit - A Review
You've seen the pictures, now read the review.

I've had my Ozone cockpit setup for just over 2 weeks now. I have run practic runs, league one hour races, and took part in a 4 hour enduro.


The instruction provided are easy to read and provide a clear idea of the step needed to put the parts together. There are only 3 parts that need to be bolted together. The monitor and wheel stands come in one section, the seat base in another section, and the seat itself. There are 4 bolts that connect the monitor/wheel stand and the seat base sections. Each bolt comes with a flat and lock washer set. Knowing that the unit came from China I expected that the wrench required for the nuts would be metric, but found that my 1/2" socket worked best. The bolts do not have octagonal end but are smooth with an allen wrench recess. One of my bolts was missing the allen wrench recess but once I got the nut snugged up the bolt did not spin and tightening posed no problems. Mounting the seat onto the base was easy. The flat washer could not be used, cause it doesn't fit into the slider track. You have to move the sliders to get the mounting holes out from underneath the seat. Again, once the nuts were snugged up on the bolts the bolts did not spin, so tightening the seta down to the base was a snap. That was good cause there is no room to get the wrench on the bolt end. Oh, lastly there is a plate the the pedals rest on which you just set in place. Assemby is now complete.

EDIT: Make sure that you line up all 4 bolts connecting the 2 frame bases before tightening the bolts down. I found that one hole was not aligned correctly. So I used a file to make one of the holes bigger and it was all down hill from there.

Now you need to install the monitor stand and wheel mounting stand. I found it easier to install the wheel stand first then the monitor stand. I found that the thickness of the powder coating made getting the mounting post into place took a bit of patience and strength. Make sure that posts are straight and you insert both sides at the same rate. I installed my wheel next. I use a Logitech MOMO racing, the black one. I don't trust having the wheel attached by just the side mounting clamps, I always use the bottom center clamp too. But the screw was not long enough to reach the bottom of the wheel mounting plate. So I went to the workshop and emerged with a portion of a 2x3 and if fit perfectly and I was able to tighten the center clamp as tight as I wanted. The cockpit come with a few wire ties, but I just wrapped the cords around the various posts of the cockpit to make sure they stayed out of the way, and gave clean look. I then put the pedals in place and did the same wrapping of the pedal cords. Then I attached the monitor stand. Initial setup compete.

One of the bonus' of a cockpit is that it is adjustable to you can your preferred seating position. The plate the pedals rest on is 18" long. Starting at floor height peaking at 6" above the floor. The pedals can be placed anywhere on the plate that makes sense for you. The plate is covered with a ribbed rubbery surface to hold the pedals in place. Wheel height and the distance it is away from you body is crucial. I first started with my wheel's center about shoulder height. I found that my arms hurt after just a few laps. I think the wheel was too high and far away. Since then I have moved the seat forward a bit, and lowered the wheel so that my arms are at about 95 degree angle. I am sure that there can be great debate over the best seating/wheel position, but this one works for me. The seat has something in the order of 10" of travel, so find a good position for you should not be hard. The monitor stand is directly behind the wheel stand. I have a 22" LCD, which has a sizable stand base. Both in practice and racing I have had no problems with my monitor shaking or moving. Yes, it does shake but not to a noticable degree. Clearly, you could add something to help hold the monitor down. Personally, I have to be able to move the monitor back and forth from the cockpit to desk so that is not an option for me. But I am confident that the monitor will stay in place even under the harshest of wheel cranks. The monitor stand height is adjustable in my case the monitor plate is about and inch (2.54 cm) above the wheel plate. When I added the keyboard tray I found that I could not swing it around in front because it hit the wheel center clamp screw. To solve that I marked the clamp screw where it exited the wheel on the outside. I then cut screw that was obstucting the keyboard tray off. There is plenty of space underneath the wheel to grip the center clamp screw to tighten it up. Now I can swing the keyboard tray in and out, however I do have to lift the keyboard off the tray to do so. I wouldn't race with the keyboard in front, you may end up bashing your knee on it. Put it can still be close enough off to the side to be used while racing.

The Seat:
It is adjustable forwards and backwards on the sliders just like a regular car seat. The seat back angle can be adjusted as well. I prefer a more upright position, but some drifters wanting to be cool may want the more reclined position. There is a good amount of lower lumbar support. In LFS there aren't too many G forces throwing the driver around in the seat, but the side bolsters add to a wrapped comfort feel.

Mind you the seat is new and everything is nice, tight, and supportive. The true measure of quality in a seat is how well it wears. Only time will tell in this regard.

The keyboard/mouse tray is completely covered in the material mouse pads are made of. This helps hold the keyboard in place and allows the use of any type of mouse.

It would be nice to have independent wheel height distance from seat adjustability.

I have the G25 shifter mount, but I don't have G25 so I cannot comment on it use or adjustability.

The biggest annoyance is when you want to make a setup change that the posts stick inside the base. This is due to the powder coating and close sizing tolerance. I am sure that over time this will loosen up. But for now it adds to the units stability. Initially before I set the unit up I was concerned that it would not be stable for someone I my size. After using as I have for the past 2 weeks or so I have no reservations at all, the unit is solid. For those with CRTs. The monitor stand plate is roughly 17" x 9". This should be big enough for most CRTs. If you have a concern that your big LCD will come crashing down, like I do. You can get a LCD stand that attaches directly to the monitor stand plate. I may do this in the future but for now the monitor seems to be staying in place just fine by itself.

Is the use of a cockpit going to make me faster? I don't necessarily think so. But I used to have my wheel attached to my keyboard tray of the desk. I think that setup was dampening some of the forced feedback from the wheel. Since moving to the Ozone cockpit I am getting better feedback from the wheel, which I believe is given me better control of the car. It sure is nice to know that each time I go to race that the wheel, monitor, and pedals will be in the same place eachtime everytime. Before is was a guessing game with the pedals and the rolling office chair.

Communication and support from Chris of Obutto has been top notch. Chris has responded to each query and concern in a timely and professional manner.

Bottomline is for the price point, I got one of the discounted US units, this has been an upgrade.
great writeup bdshan, thanks for taking the time and glad to hear you're pleased with the cockpit!
Good post, bdshan, not much more I can add to it. Been meaning to add my .02 here but real life has been awfully annoying of late... meaning I haven't had much time to play games much less write my opinion of my new cockpit.

I've been extremely happy with my "flawed" cockpit. My main complaint was about the smell of the rubber pad that was on the pedal tray when I got mine. Not sure if others have noticed it but it had a strong chemical smell that would not go away after being left outside to "out gas" for over a week. I ended up taking it off and gluing a piece of carpet on it, though my pedals (those that come with the G25 and my CH Pro pedals for my flightsims I like to fly) hardly moved around before I added the carpet.

I also concur that Chris has been outstanding to deal with and is always helpful.

I've got a 22" CRT on my stand and was worried about it but it hardly moves at all, even with the force feedback. I ended up moving the whole rig into the corner of my study as that was the best location and now have the back up again some foam on the wall "just in case" but I'm sure it would be fine even if I left it where it was previously.

The first thing that blew me away was discovering how much more life-like it was sitting in this thing than at my desk. One of the reasons is that I'm actually closer to my monitor than before (but still a few inches further than my outstretched arm) and because of the whole seating position. Just totally awesome. I let a friend of mine try it out and all he can do is dream about the day he can afford to get one... He couldn't believe how cool it was and I agree. The nice thing is it also works out well for my Cougar HOTAS with CH Pro pedals and throttle quadrant when I do my flying. Definitely one of my best purchases of the year!

To Chris and the Obutto cockpit!
wow, great cockpit. How did I miss this post Really nice idea.
cheers Avatar and again sorry about that smell pards!!

Madman_CZ, thanks for the compliment and glad you found the thread too btw, Portsmouth is a great town, been there a few times!
Quote from Chris E30 Cab :cheers Avatar and again sorry about that smell pards!!

Don't sweat it man! I just have a sensitive nose is all.
wow, why didnt i just ditch my steering wheel and buy one of these?

nice work! i might snatch one up myself sometime!

edit: just read avatars post through and im thinking of buying one because thats the only fault with my current setup... I have a quite small desk and its not capable of holding my keyboard along with my computer. I had to fish out an old table which i was lucky i found to hold my keyboard. Its still a bit flawed though because i have to turn 90 degrees to type, then back again to see if what ive typed is right.. etc. This is the most cost effective peice of equipment i have come across so far, and the reviews give it a good name, so why not get one? I shall be asking my parents in the morning.
Hey dez, thanks and ya the swiveling keyboard/mouse tray was one of the main reasons I created this cockpit.

For the past 14 months now, I've used the cockpit for all my computer use, don't even have a desk anymore Hangin out on the internet, email, web-design, first person shooters, racing-sims......i do it all from my cockpit!!
very nice, sorry i can't acces obutto website, but what size monitor is the stand suitable for, say if i want to put a larger monitor on it, widescreen, very nice though, price is great, the ones i've seen on ebay are £300+

reasonably priced gaming cockpit
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