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Hi Guys!!!
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#1 - Cargo
Hi Guys!!!
Hey Hey,
It's been a long time my old NAL friends.

I installed X last night and am just getting back up to speed. I haven't logged since the early demise of NAL sometime last year.

Hope to get online with you soon and turn some laps. Or at least get out of the way while learn the tracks again.

Is MRodgers/Nighthawk running with you all?

Cheers and Hello

Hey man, long time no see!

Nighthawk is around and races with us from time to time, but he's not active in the LOTA. He's around the forums quite a bit, though.
Who's this NightHawk character? I've never heard of him...

How ya doin Cargo! Nope, I'm not involved in LOTA, though I keep thinking about it. Problem is time. Don't have much for league racing, esp. during the weekday evenings.

I'm actually flying quite a bit now. I think I've run twice on patch X, the first time was a fun evening of racing at Westhill with a few newer folks. They said "NightHawk is on fire!" LOL. Yeah, sure, and I was 5 seconds off my pb time, LOL.

The second time was at Aston National where I forced myself to start last (somewhere around 25th to 30th). Quite a few veterans I saw that night. I didn't last much there after moving last to 5th by the second corner, with one of those being punted off at the 1st corner. It's boring squeezing your way through a 20 car pileup only to find everyone now behind is pitting and the 4 ahead are too far ahead from you taking it easy through the carnage.

I have a few names I keep my eye out for though. If I see them, I'll set up the wheel. I'll add your name to the list.
C'mon, Mike. LOTA is worth giving up your social life for.
Hmm, baseball, teaching her to ride a bike without the training wheels, more baseball, the swimming pool, baseball, oh, now she makes me massage her feet before bed every night, baseball again, I want to get the RC plane up in the air now and then, land the dang plane and practice some baseball, play in the sand....

Sheesh, those 6 year olds sure have a lot of energy.
...probably not your home life, though.
#7 - Racn
Hi Gentlemen: Found your link on the lfs main site page, live in Canada and would like to perhaps join a racing series. Just got S2, never had S1 so all the cars and driving physics are new to me in this game. Have played alot of gtr 1 and 2, rfactor, netkar, enjoy clean racing.
Hey and welcome to S2!!! And LOTA!

We(They)'ve got a current series using the three GTR cars going on, a MRT custom course cup winding down, as well as Thursday Night Thunder, for fun random pick-up racing.

Stop by the site, as this subsection has a nasty tendancy of being a bit of a ghost town!

I think you could have a lot of fun with the LOTA.


Hi Guys!!!
(8 posts, started )