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Round 3 Broadcast Live !
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Round 3 Broadcast Live !
Hello Racers.

On Saturday, there will be a broadcast by ASR Tv again.


squasseL.Inferno & ASR Zodhog

20:00 UTC
22:00 CET

Tune in!

Some details about ASR TV:

This is a ShoutC.A.S.T. television.
There will be some commentary

Tech details:

video: 400*300 700kbps VP61 nsv codec
audio: AAC mono
visitors: maximum 256 person at same time

Two method, how can you watch this:

Winamp 5.xx, in the file types mark the nsv video:

IE7 browser window, you must install the pop-up AOL plugin:

Got Questions?: Just post your questions in this thread during the race. I will try to answer them during the broadcast Interactive Watching ^^

You can watch the race via RaceSpectator


squasseL.Inferno & ASR ZODhog

Remember: Slower changes from car to car.
you are like the 75th person who tells me that . Seems to be right

Anyway ^^ i'll make slower changes
#5 - Tube
or even better: don't make changes at all.
observe the car intervals @ split times and then switch to some car in that group by clicking on the corresponding name in the connection list (N key)
ok broadcast is running
Good Luck for the commentating baShOr, and good luck for the ASR guys! I'll keep on watching the broadcast, so...ROCK ON
#8 - richy
this is proper cool so far.
when you have questions just tell them and if you want to talk about your team tell me
the quality of the broadcast seems to be worse than it was before, anything changed?
Well, now we have no quality at all.
It was better then ever for me till bashor pulled the plug
Yeah, same here, ZOD is working on it
Quote from zeugnimod :Well, now we have no quality at all.

Sorry for interrupting the broadcast, but it was quite unwatchable imo. On the previous races you could easily read the laptimes and stuff, now everything was blurry. Hope they can fix it in no time.
Theres apparently something wrong with the tracker, too?

It keeps adding and deleting drivers.
yes, there is a problem with the stream please be patient
Theres a huge lag between video and audio.. they are out of sync by over 2 seconds
one of the problems with the stream is that its nowhere near 700kbps
i cant find the link for the tracker, will someone give me a link to it?

stream is trying to get fixed. be patient please
Much better now!
Much better now!
everything is fixed watch again
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Round 3 Broadcast Live !
(96 posts, started )