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Applications Open for MoE 2007/2008
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im pretty sure the plan when the numbers came through was to run with FWD GTRs but when it became glaringly obvious they werent going to be too compatable they were dropped, and the multi-class vote was combined as it had been said from the beginning.

What i dont get is that multiclass racing isnt something new, and funnily enough daddy GTRs and baby GTRs in the same server is something LFS-GT ran for a whole season, so surely the differences between them would have been obvious there?

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Regardless, as league admins the decision rests with them. I'd personally be fine with either all-GT1 or multi-class GT1 & GT2, though I've been wanting to drive GT2 since it was announced, and I think having two classes on track will make the racing much more exciting. I'll be happy with whatever decision the admins make.

I feel so many here are hostile towards 2-class racing. Why? It is just one more element in a league to make it more exciting. And it takes (drivers)team discipline to be succsefull and to avoid incidents with slower class cars. And it is one more paramater that shows one teams nature/versatility/fearness/heart... The kind of stuff that makes one team trully great and ultimately good. And what i can see from post like there are, it is obvious that some teams out there tend to be something different. So if you are so worried abou stuff, make a league that will only include hotlapping and finally showing "whose dick is longer", or whoose karate club memers can make higher mai geri. And we should all know that thats not something that can make a world champion, nor the best team. So instead of complaining, go there and get some respect towards others and treat them fairly on track. Read: fairplay!

And about the constant bashing about ice creams and apples and stuff. I dont recall one beeing able to vote for 2 option at a time, so 2 GT2 class options can be added to make 1 number. Theres no manipulating. Nither should we get into politics and behave like monkies.

At the end of the day, i really hope this 2 class racing comes through, and we will have an exciting championship, where maybe a trophy for fairplay can be handed out, just like there is in all sorts of sport events. And we shall see wich team deservs to be called fair.

Quote from PwrSlave :...

What are you 12 or something? Trophy for fair play?

From all the coverage I had the opportunity to watch last year all I could see was respect and fair play on track and nothing but, so what you're referring to I don't know.

No one has posted against having multi-class racing, I myself just don't agree on removing teams from the GT1 class to fill the dead GT2 class. Looking at the polls it seems people would agree that it would be the right step to take and help MoE expand, however the entry list doesn't really reflect the general consensus of the initial poll.

Overall I guess people just haven't had enough time to really decide which class they'd rather enter, I'm pretty sure this is down to the fact that the restrictions haven't been fully tested and people aren't so sure which is the better car. Everything seems a little rushed to me and people are making irrational decisions just to keep themselves happy, which can only lead to more trouble later down the line. I'm almost certain if there were more teams signed up to the GT2 class and a much larger field overall for both classes, no one would have anything to nag about or even disagree on "The more the merrier" fits here.
Quote from Rooble :What are you 12 or something? Trophy for fair play?

\o/, a candy for you. Its a good thing i know wich team you came from. They really must have a brainwash capabilities. Somehow you escaped, but brain is still washed.

@ admins: sorry for spamming, from now on i post only OnTopic. I shall go now and play with playdough and pokemon.
Hey this is Phil's baby, but as far as I know there has been a limit on the number of cars in each class since day 1.

It's an invitational series so all the people who applied for GT1 aren't even guaranteed participation in the series. If you think about the facts of the situation, nobody's being forced out because at this point nobody's even IN yet. Participation is also voluntary so if you don't like the rules, you don't have to participate. That's not meant harshly either, that's simply the way it is for all racing series, real or sim. Nobody's forcing you into it.

Nobody ever said that the poll results would be the final decision, but instead were a guideline from the very beginning. The poll results were concidered along with various other factors, before Phil an Tweak made thier decision, and before I came onboard.
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team list?
Will be made public when we have made the decisions. As it looks right now we have 27 GT1 and 9 GT2 applications. So we will go forward with GT2 and a few teams applying for GT1 will be left out. Not since we want to "force" them into GT2, simply because we have a limit for GT1 cars. Pls note, that we have _not_ reviewed applications yet and all is still very open.

Also, if some late deciders decide on a GT2 entry, bring it on, we won't close that entry list until the tests are final.
Dawm guys, give them some rest, all this fuzzzz about what, give them a week or so???

Anyways there are limited places, be happy when your team is even chosen, with only 20 gt1 places, i was expecting more teams to choose for the GT2 cars.

Ahh well, more chance to get chosen i hope...
Phil, wouldnt it be fairer to first offer GT2 places to 2-3 of the rejected applicants who are currently waiting to hear their fate, its not forcing them as such just saying unfortunately we've had to reject the application however you can either go to the top of the shortlist/waiting list for a GT1 drive if anyone drops out, but we'd like to offer you the chance to drive in the GT2 class if this interests you.
Allowing someone who's submitting an application after the deadline to queue jump seems a little unfair, unless their application wouldnt be accepted until you've allowed the GT1 'rejects' first option on any available spaces.

only my opinion, but it seems a little unfair on those who'd happily drop to GT2 but really have their heart set on GT1, but i dont know your intentions so maybe you already plan to do that, if not then maybe its worth considering?
Paul: Yes, that is an option. However, this can only be done if the team is in generally deemed to be fit for racing in MoE, which in the past was the main reason for rejecting applications. This will most probably different this time around and we do have that option in the back of our minds.
what about the invitations??
shouldn't they be announced today??
Yes they should. Might be delayed a day, though, we are still in some discussions.

Applications Open for MoE 2007/2008
(88 posts, started )