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i will be making real looking tracks for lfscar.
i am making real looking nascar tracks for lfscar and wanting to know what tracks u want me to make no 'ROAD courses'.
Um, forgive if I'm wrong, but you do know you can't make tracks for LFS don't you?
He meant something like Autocross layouts, and I have made one very similar to Martinsville, but it only works well in reverse.
you can make layouts for Season 3. we will consider them if they are any good. but the schedule for season 2 is fixed.
yea i made a cool track at so city so far thats all i made i will post pics soon.
about the race in AutoX
How can you make quallify in AutoX?
The process is simple. Send out one car at a time, and write down the laptimes, use their best one. And when it comes to race time, each driver is called in order to join the starting grid.
Move races to Saturdays or Sundays?
After the next week or two, could the races be moved to Saturdays or Sundays? Some of us still have to go to school, and where I live, after next week if the races continued on Mondays at 18:15 (1:30 pm here) me and possibly several other drivers would be out for the rest of the season. Also, weekend races are usually more friendly to the drivers
at the moment i don't see a way to make the events on weekends. i was thinking about the weekend for the 360 event (last race). but all other events are on monday, as posed before the season started. sorry.
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