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Event 9 - MRT @ AS1R
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I see that i need to pull out of the competition. No one did a thing to figure out that password page that is not workin for me. Good luck to others then.
#27 - bozo
Quote from kamo2000 :I see that i need to pull out of the competition. No one did a thing to figure out that password page that is not workin for me. Good luck to others then.

Kamo, did you contact anybody via email ('Contact Us' link on the website) ? The forums are not always monitored by OLFSL staff. If you email you should get a quick response.

Hope to see you in the race tomorrow.
Make sure you have cοokies enabled.
They are by default but i don't know if a smart antivirus or any kind of protection program disables it.
I tried on 2 pc's now and i got the same. I'll send an mail then.

problem solved
what was problem?
Not sure - i cleaned cookies - relogged nothing happened i restarted browser nothing happened again - resigned i pressed f5 and it was working..
I will not participate in todays race, sorry.

Hoschi - 412 - Pool 5

P.S.: eMail sent to Tessu
#33 - arco
So, no streaming of todays events? I tried the feed url in VLC, but keep getting prompted for username and password.
It was nice event. Pool 3. I enjoyed first 5 laps the best. Later i was racing alone on 1st. 3 spins - 2 from being bored one caused by other racer.

I'm sure there will be much more action on so4r.

why olfsltv is blacknwihite? at least in winamp

edit2: in vlc too.

edit3: it's with colors now
That was an awesome race for me. Started 2nd and defended this position at the start. At the end of lap 1 S-Core Rapozzza made a mistake in the last corner (or rather he didn't came through well) so that I reached his slipstream and outbrake him on the end of the straight. The next lap he pushed me and attacked on every occasion so that I had to drive in a defensive position mostly, but at the beginning of lap 3 he spun off in the braking zone of T1. That left me in front alone and from this point on I was in control of the race. Due to my offline experience (I never finished 1 race distance cause I always spun off at some point ) I knew that driving clean and finishing was more important then pulling out fancy laptimes, and I can't remember that I drove the chicane full throttle at any time in the race.
So I tried to drive as fast as it was needed but never tried to push it to the limit and that worked very well.
I'm really excited about this victory cause it's my first league race victory since a little over a year.
And what's also exciting is that I actually don't like the MRT5 at all but still was able to pull a good result and so I'm impatient to see if I can do better (div1 i.e.) with a car that I actually like.

I'd like to thanks all the other drivers in pool2, you raced very clean and also the guys that I overlapped were mostly very cautious.

Thank you all
Pool 5

Started from second last row, had an awful start when I mistooked my hand-brake button to clutch and stumbled forward during reds. Also I took little damage to suspensions when driving under some carnage in t1. About ten laps i managed with only one stupid spin, and then I made friends with the infamous as chichane wall. The void was calming.

I thought that this bug would have been fixed when we got the two new aston configurations and the make-up of aston. But no.. :P

Anyways, my race sucked but I'd like to point out one pretty important thing, to whom this concerns (unfortunately those won't necessarily read these forums..): watch when you re-join after spin! Especially in this track the T1 is easy place to spin, but it's guaranteed carnage if you rejoin when traffic is about to brake. My mrt's nose made friends with someone's side, because I couldn't brake any harder or otherwise avoid the crash, when I noticed that the car didn't stay put, but accelerated into the driving line right in the middle of the turn.

Classic, but not nice.

Quote from arco :So, no streaming of todays events? I tried the feed url in VLC, but keep getting prompted for username and password.

Really not sure what that problem is - try Winamp
Until I see the replay of pool-1, I don't know if I have ruined anybody's race due to my terrible lag (i got a dsc at lap 46). If I have, I want to publicly apologize.

Normally I would have quit earlier, because I had frozen maps and fps droppings throughtout all my (freaking) race, but I stayed because those freezes were lasting 10 to 15 secs... then they were unfreezing for about 50 to 60 secs and then were freezing again for another 10 tpo 15 secs. And so on.

Everytime the freezes stopped I was checking the map to see if anybody was close to me, in front or behind. And noone was (except one time, where as soon as the map unfroze I got a blue flag, I saw on orang car behind me and as soon as I took the last turn, I went to the right and almost stopped, so the guy could pass me safely).

So, hopefully I haven't caused any troubles. I will of course check the replay as soon as it is uploaded.
Just saw the replay (my team-mates recorded it), I pushed Rocabiliz out of the track in the 1st corner of lap 29
I was not seeing you at the moment buddy due to lag and frozen map. On the last turn of lap 32, I saw you behind me and let you pass.

I'm terribly sorry once again
Oh What Fun!
Well there were a few hiccups today, as everyone is aware (or should be by now) if you drive out of bounds or backwards and also if you disconnect during laglap), LFS RESTS you to the back of the grid.

We now have a new race control program that will insure all grid positions remain the same ( this program over-rules LFS) We have always planned to use this program AFTER SUMMER BREAK, it was used in some races today but not all.

We do regret if you were repositioned on the grid during the laglap and LFS reset you to the back and as said above this will NOT be an issue in the future.

I seen some really close and careful racing today, all in all I'd say today was an overall success. The respect for the BLUE FLAG today was at it's best, Kudos to all the drivers who made way for faster ones on this small track.

OLFSL "P" Server will be left on OPEN SELECT TRACK, use it at your leisure.

Have a Great Summer Drivers, we on the staff will continue to try and improve what I feel is one of the best leagues in LFS.

Hope you all had fun today.

I also wish you all a happy summer break and good vacations
Pool 1 - got rammed again now i need another load of beers, after Rapozzza's on last combo, mr. GTR_93 come by please with the 6beer pack. I hope this is the last portuguese beer i get
I feel so bad for bardging unintentionally Rocabiliz out of the track (lag). It's a relief to know he recognises that i didn't do it on purpose (i had nothing to gain, my race was ruined since lap 1 of the 2nd restart).

Happy summer to everybody!
Hello gentlemen,

it was my first race in this will organized league, my goal was to get my car to the finish line safely with out any damages or pit stops, and I did it, started from 17th place and ended 8th, but I would note that my hot lap gave me 15th position at the starting grid in pool 6, but I was in 17th place in the grid when race started I don’t know why!! But any way it was great race for me, especially with this hill up turn that takes the car out of the track.

Best regards & see you next race

Sorry about the grid in your poo Ihab Abbas it did go a bit wrong, we have a new system for the next event so it should be better for you.
Quote from russraine :Sorry about the grid in your poo Ihab Abbas it did go a bit wrong, we have a new system for the next event so it should be better for you.

np and thaks for replay.

cya soon next race
Quite surprised nothing came up about the pool 1 restart, would have been seriuosly crap if we had continued without Luis Barbosa, after all he timed out during the lag lap, but was given no time to rejoin.

Felt although no one had sympathy for the guy joining at t1 of the race bar me and Chris, eventually people got it right though.

Was a good fun race, small hickup at the start, I thought it'd put it into gear and let the clutch out, but somehow didn't so when I let the clutch out I went nowhere. Made the first few laps interesting though.
The problem is not about the restart for Barbosa…
It is just so strictly written to the FAQ “there will not be a restart, no matter what.” that it does not let room for sympathy…

Many other racers got disconnected, or had any sort of other problems during the lag lap, in this season and I do not remember having a restart for them.
Yeah I was hosting this one too - Pool one and two both had dodgy starts.

Basically I started the race as normal and was not going to allow the restart as Barbosa was too late - however about 95% of the field voted to restart before I could turn the allow vote system off. WIth patch X you need more voters than before to be able to restart a race, so effectivly, almost everyone did want to restart and let barbosa join the back.

As host I did not want this, but it went too quickly and at this point i did not want a race to start for a third time.

After the summer break however, there will be no complaincy with the rules and the will be consequences for people flouting the rules.

Hopefully with the new race control app one of our staff is kindly developing, we should be able to keep things tighter.
Erm, i'm sorry but I thought I saw somewhere that if osmeone lags out on the lag lap that the hos twill give them a small amount of time to rejoin the server, Barbosa was not given this time to rejoin. I don't think it's a rule but it's certainly one of the purposes of the lag lap, what's the point in having one if you wont wait on peopple who encounter problems caused by going form the end screen to the race?

As for breaking the rules, I don't care, this league is about having fun and taking someones fun away from them just because they encountered a minor problem is unfair. I'm just glad most people recognised this and let the guy race as he should have been alowed to in the first place.

EDIT : Btw Jonathan, he wasn't "late" he timed out and most probarly tried to re connect instantly but got the "Username is allready online" message, which takes 20 seconds ro so to sort itself out, i've saw races before wait on people who time out, can't see why there was an exception here.

Event 9 - MRT @ AS1R
(52 posts, started )