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Chat Room
How about a small live chat room for the OLFSL homepage?
... Or a java applet which launches you into the official irc channel (which is already advertised on the website).
i've never got on well with IRC, never seems to work properly.

FienDi has just told me the IRC channel is dead anyway....!
Quote from russraine :How about a small live chat room for the OLFSL homepage?

That would be nice in race days
Well.. the IRC channel has been brought back to life and you can now join us in / #OLFSL.

If you are using Opera to browse the net, just click the '' -link colored orange in the upper part of out site and built-in IRC-plugin should pop up and connect you in (not sure what versions of Opera have this feature though).

If you're using Firefox, download addition called 'Chatzilla'. After you've restarted FF as instructed you should be able to operate the same as with Opera.

And finally, if using Internet Explode.. Explorer you'll have to wait untill I find suitable Java IRC client and time to fit it in.

Internet Explode - ha, like that!
Well then, I just set up a client to the site.

You can find a link from left side menu (#OLFSL chat). Click that and hope for the best - I do