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Formula XR Challenge - Spring 2007 - Race Reports & Standings
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Formula XR Challenge - Spring 2007 - Race Reports & Standings

Race Reports and Series Standings, as reported at, will be duplicated in this thread. Each race report is in a new post, and standings are listed below.


Race 1 Results/Report
Feature Results (Click HERE for Replay):


Race 1 Report

The tensions were high as the inaugural race of the Spring 2007 Formula XR Challenge got under way. The newest LOTA series cut its teeth at Blackwood GP (reverse) with a tension filled 10 minute qualifying session to set the provisional pole. followed by an eight lap sprint race to determine the final starting grid for a gruelling 39 lap feature race.

The qualifying session and sprint race set the pace and showed that a few drivers were quite a bit quicker than the rest. In fact, the top-3 in qualifying were the only drivers to break into the 1:09 range. Those same three drivers, monstor, sweetchop17, and Autocross.US, would take the podium for the sprint race as well. But the feature race would tell a different story for a couple drivers.

Sweetchop17 laid down lap after lap of clean consistent speed. Monstor and Autocross.US were in contention for a while but as the race dragged on, attention diminished and several drivers yielded to their own mistakes shuffling the deck somewhat. Sweetchop brought it home leading every lap of the race with Autocross not too far behind after some mid-race altercations. Lambchop44, starting from the fifth position, laid down the most consistent laps of the race, and clawed his way up to a podium finish.

Top-10 Finishing Order
1) sweetchop17
2) Autocross.US
3) Lambchop44
4) [SRS]XenoWolf
5) Mischief007
6) ZeroR
7) fourwhls
8) monstor
9) Spinjack
10) [DMC] dltacos

All in all it was a fairly clean and very competitive session. There is a great bunch in this group and they're all eagerly anticipating the action at Kyoto Ring National next week.
Race 2 Results/Replays/Stats/Race Report
Qual Results:

Sprint Results (Click HERE for Replay):

Sprint Race Stats

Feature Results (Click HERE for Replay):

Feature Race Stats

Race Report

Race #2 of the Formula XR Challenge Spring 2007 Season was filled with ups and downs. This week, the FOX drivers strapped themselves in to take on Kyoto Ring National, a track known for its high speeds and challenging curbs & transitions. Pressure was riding high on the drivers as the fight for the pole was underway. Qualifying was followed up by a 6-Lap Sprint around the high banks of the Kyoto Ring, which determined the starting positions for the 27-Lap Feature race.

As qualifying came to an end, the drivers readied themselves for the 6-Lap Sprint around the high speed ring. After putting together some stellar qualifying times, CoRe.BigTime, Sweetchop17, and Autocross.US would lead the group down the front straight for the start of the Sprint race. Tensions ran high as drivers entered turn one for the first time in formation. We saw great drives from Mischeif007 and lambchop44 in which both drivers managed to overtake five opponents moving Mischeif007 to sixth on the grid and Lambchop44 to third. Great drives from both drivers! 1st » Appie ran most of the race in third but ended up loosing the position to Lambchop44 after running out of fuel a hundred yards short of the finish, loosing by mere inches. After it was all said and done, CoRe.BigTime would end up bringing home the win with sweetchop17, lambchop44, 1st » Appie, and elderchop29 nipping at his heels.

With the feature race underway, CoRe.BigTime and sweetchop17 set the pace with both drivers running quick, consistent times. As the opening laps went by, the two found themselves pulling away from the rest of the field with CoRe.BigTime holding a slight advantage. With pit stops drawing near, the field began to spread itself out and fall into order. An impressive race from all the drivers, CoRe.Bigtime would prove to be victorious, leading twenty four of the twenty seven lap feature. Coming off round one with a victory, Sweetchop17 would bring home a very satisfying second place finish after putting together a consistently fast run. Mischief007, starting sixth on the grid, would guide the #28 FOX up to third for his first podium of the season.

Top-10 Finishing Order
1) Core. BigTime
2) sweetchop17
3) Mischief007
4) Autocross.US
5) ||| Danke
6) elderchop29
7) Lambchop44
8) fourwhls
9) 1st » Appie
10) Zero R

This race had its share of incidents but overall there weren’t any major altercations. This series is full of great drivers that are eagerly anticipating the upcoming events. We can’t wait to see the outcome of round three at the tight and tricky Fern Bay Gold Reversed circiut next week.

Some comments by the drivers:

“It can be real hairy in T1, where you are transitioning from the oval section that is wide enough for 4 cars down to a flat corner surrounded by sand that is, maybe, only wide enough for 2 cars at speed” – LOTA Official, CoRe.Banshee56

“After Xenowolf and Appie had both worked their way past me, I managed to catch the draft from both of them and got a slingshot right past them.” – Sweetchop17

“I had to short shift the last laps, giving Lambchop44 the opportunity to overtake me.” - 1st » Appie

“This was the first league race I've participated in without a crash or a spin of some sort so this makes me much more confident when it comes to consistency” – CoRe.BigTime

“Next weeks goal: not finishing dead last.” – Spinjack

For more information on the Formula XR Challenge, or any of LOTA's series, please visit:

Thanks to CoRe.BigTime for the report.
Race 3 Results
Race 4 Results & Stats
Race 5: Results & Stats
Race 6: Results & Stats
Race 7: Results & Stats
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Formula XR Challenge - Spring 2007 - Race Reports & Standings
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