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Drifting with DFP
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Drifting with DFP
Nice driving .... Alot better than me in 900 deg mode lol ... Odd my DFP is nowhere near that loud lol....

I hate to be one to say this but ummm ... Demo racer + S2 content = Flamewar
#3 - R1K89
Nice drifting.
Is there any steering wheel that doesn't make sound while you steer it ?
Well.. You should get a ban for illigaly using the S2 Content
Quote from Cobra427 :Demo racer + S2 content = Flamewar

good driving
but yeah korayatalik, status: Demo racer + S2 content = korayatalik, status: no longer welcome

you got the money to get a DFP, why dont you buy S2?
hey i already licensed racer .i bought s1 and s2 . but i cant join this site by my licensed name `koray`. i write my username and password to main page but cant join this forum.
Any chance of some proof? I didn't think so...
#8 - SamH
i am a licenced driver with `koray`! i just dont know my web password
ok i will do it.thanks.sorry about that
You should contact the devolpers or try to sort it out before you post S2 content on a Demo account ... It never ends well around here lol
Dori Dori
#13 - SamH
excellent driving you are good
thx i am in england.when i turn back turkey i will upload more videos
we wait your great movies with no patience,just fly to Turkey this night please
Hey thats some good drifting

I have the same wheel, like from ur first video, except i bought it for the ps2 (gt4 wheel) Can I have it running on PC?
i have been drifting for one year
i dont like drift much and my wheel i about 100degree but koray drift like a butterfly.. saw some mistakes but generally complete control especcial at combined turns ..

on the other hand koray is a very kind person.He introduced LFS all the Turkey and drifts in his daily life with his 200sx on the streets
Potentiometer manufacturers must get really exited from those video's

Drifting with DFP
(34 posts, started )