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Reminder to our members: qualify
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Reminder to our members: qualify
Reminder to our members here for those who might happen not to check very often:
First race of our season 3 is this sunday, August 14th and you need to qualify to be allowed to race.
That said, we would prefer that those who know they can't be there next race don't qualify to keep things simple.

Quick list of those I think are not qualified (if qualified all fine, my mistake):
  • a.wong
  • ActionRC
  • Alan Bernardo
  • Auspex
  • Catch_Can
  • ChubyQC
  • doderaser
  • Enzoblue
  • Flashblue
  • Funked1
  • Gimpster
  • GrimRipper
  • gski
  • Hallen
  • jde
  • KrinkE
  • MantisX
  • ml_paladin888
  • Nismo521
  • ParliamentThrill
  • PTstudios
  • RA64t
  • SEK_hakuna
  • silkswift
  • SnakeEyes
  • The Orange Mage
  • WGooden
  • Xtremepsionic
  • Ziploc
Those of you who cannot make it this weekend, cya next week hopefully!

There are a helluva lot of people in NAL!!! *faint*

I am surprised that these people are the ones who have NOT qualified :doh: So many of them. Qualifying closes Saturday you say... do you have an exact time? I want to shoot in a few more laps

Reminder to our members: qualify
(2 posts, started )