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Endurance Pros 4hr of Aston Historic Info and Sign-up
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Endurance Pros 4hr of Aston Historic Info and Sign-up

Dear Teams and Drivers,

I am happy to announce some more specifics as well as open the signup for our 2nd endurance event, the 4hr of Aston Historic!

We are currently still recruiting and hiring staff members to make sure this 2nd event is a great succes! Stay tuned to this topic! Smile

Note in your agenda, point on your calender:
28th of March 2020
Quali from 17:00 CET
Race start from 18:00 CET

Aston Historic will be the track.
The race will be 4-hours long.

The carset will be GT1:
FZR = + 27kg
XRR = original
FXR = original

The entire event, qualifying and race, will be live in broadcast by TC_Pete at Twitch:

Qualifying will start 1 hour before the event is run, and will take 30 minutes of open qualiying. Every team/car is allowed to run only 1 driver per car in this qualifying. Further rulesets will be announced later on.

There is a Solo Class for solo drivers, who will only feature in their solo class results.
Teams have a minimum of 2 and maximum of 4 drivers.


Sign up now!
To sign your team up, Post like this below this post:
#07 Team Rock Racing AM
Car: XRR

Walter "rockclan" Lemmens
Dawid "texxxas" Góźdź

#83 GTF Racing
Erik "Gernoff" Green
Car: FXR
#3 - BIzO
#76 French Street Racers Team (FSR)
Car: XRR

Pierre "Bizo" Olivieri
Baptiste "DLV" Heuzé
#4 - Nanex
hello, good news ^^, but no bop for the XRR ?Big grin

I'm afraid to take the FXR so much we were humiliated at the 1st race lol
#99 Team Rock Racing PRO
Car: XRR

Anton "krin" Ahlers
Joshua "hydro18nl" Waslander
#44 War Faction
Car: XRR

Heikki "DataFi" Hytönen
#107 GUM Garage Asso
Car : FXR

Drivers :
Laurent "Tomfuel" Leduck
William "Scott" Meyfroodt
Official ruleset is being worked on hard by the race director and organization.

In the meantime I would like to encourage people to sign up.

If you're alone, but wanting to enter as a team effort one way or another... I will open a driver searching driver(s) topic any moment.

Get your signups in people, the 6hr of Kyoto Ring was a great fun event eventhough the last minute preperations and small race direction team.

We'll have a dedicated safety car, medical car(s) and more this time. So wait no longer! Smile It's soon 28th of March Smile
#23 Born To Race
Car : XRR

Drivers :
Ayoub "Ayoub2016" ELHANNOUNI
Ramón "Rayman95" Hornos
Ben "nxggera" Dover
Paulius "Upsas966" Petrauskas
#33 and #07 merged
#10 NFR team (Norme Francaise Racing)
Car: XRR


Alexandre "Nanex" Fleury
Ranieri "Ranieri" Pisanechi
#17 GUM Garage Asso
Car : FXR

Drivers :
Benoit "MeuhMeuh" Lemarié
#14 GlobalGamingRacing (GG)
Car : XRR

Drivers :
Robertas "airis03" Nagevičius
Gustas "markantonio" Pucėta
Tautvydas "icoco" Kraujutis
#69 Red Devil Racing
Car: FXR

Yazan "yazan0alothman" Alothman
Michal "fillakilla12" Mandla
Ross "Huskii" McKenzie
Alex "alexb11" Busin
#55 FordRallyeSport Team
Car: FXR
#47 FERAT Motors
Car : XRR

Drivers :
Michal "michal 1279" Málek
have a question for the Solo Class,.
Is a break time of 5min must be done for this 4h race at 2.1h?
Thank you.
Quote from meuhmeuh :Hi,
have a question for the Solo Class,.
Is a break time of 5min must be done for this 4h race at 2.1h?
Thank you.

Nope, not this time. You are free to drive as long as you like as solo driver.
*Edited post 14
#88 Air Attack Newsroom Racing
Car: FZR

Sean "Nova" Lee (AA| AOR Nova)
Frank "Fwanky" Sinchety ([6S] Fwank)
Tom "Demon" Speed (AS| Demon)(provisional)
Santtu "Fatal" Sara (AA| Fatal)
#21 - Laoz
Car: XRR

Rokas "jonhavar" Paulauskas
Simas "laoz" Tautkevičius
Tautvydas "TautisP" Pukys
Paulius "3skimas" Deksnys
Team : BMW #77

Drivers :
Kage: alexandre terral
Biroot : biroot

Fzr powaa!
#51 Team S1DUS
Car: XRR

Rik "rik97" Kardol
Lukas "FasTLT" Žutautas
Sami "sl10" Litmanen
Sry but the team its BMW

Fzr pooowah was for fun... Fzr its the car use

Could you pls change the team name to BMW?

@rockclan :
For the #17 & #107 ,

please could you change the team name "GUM Garage Asso" by this following : "GUM"

Thanks a lot

Endurance Pros 4hr of Aston Historic Info and Sign-up
(54 posts, started )