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Gust of wind
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Gust of wind
Hi. i was thinking about wind.

because thats what wizards do sometimes.

so in further relation to this 2007 question.

i´d like to add :
Gust of Winds that can maybe be set to time intervals pr minute, say one to ten forexample.
ten would be ten minutes between some gust of winds comes sweeping across the map, from multiple directions.

in addition to this.
i think it would be cool to have dust sweeping across tracks by this gust of wind whenever it hits a spot with dust on it.

"also when cars drive over some dust it sprays up behind the cars. that would make it highly immersive to drive behind other cars"

i think that could be easily done but have a massive huge effect of feel ingame.

in addition to these suggestions.

theres also been suggested moving clouds before (didnt search that thread).

these 3 things combined would make a massive difference for the feel of LFS i think.

the new thing from the thread link above. is that direction of wind is now from anywhere. but its still just one kind of wind which i may point out in real life ,it comes from different angles and directions constantly. this could sort of weigh it out for some time untill a better idea comes along.

this would of course also have a huge influence on driving & Aerodynamics.

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/gust 5

could be..

you got him in your mirrors as you go to full speed down the westhill straight. you know you got him but he keeps pushing from behind. he gets up on your side by the draft from your car. you get a brief moment of eye contact. and then...a gust of wind suddenly blows a huge dust cloud up right infront of you. you need to focus fast , and while you do. you wakely through the dust see his rearlights disapear around the next apex...

i think it would be cool to have in LFS Smile

Gust of wind
(1 post, started )