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MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Track Pack I
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MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Track Pack I
Due cancellation and burying this racing concept by several issues. Here is the layouts of what were used in server.

Contains 122 different layouts, all of them are very "speedy".

I want to give credits to:

Flame CZE

Here it is: Flat Out! Track Pack I ( And probably NOT last one )
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thx guys. and UM. will have some fun with these at times. so looking forward to see what you guys have made with all these lyts.
Some of the layouts may not work "correctly" with certain cars. In other words, braking required. Which was pretty popular. Generally you could make a layout with 76 seconds full throttle and people love it, as long as there is at least one braking point. Another one was trying to reach 450km/h at Disc of Mayhem II and III.

Honestly, I would still like to do more of these, but kinda lost motivation. I still have 42 layouts remaining which are not finished. Some of them are simply named "#silhudg jhseidfoupög" or something lol.

And as always, more people = more fun!
So, I did recently start LFS since some months ago, started to "master" new layout editor...

I guess I will make rest of the layouts to be finished. Hopefully someone or some layouts will be used.

Thanks to scania, who made some high speed layouts. I am going to make something similar as well... ( but with my style. )

When it will be published?
When it's done.
Quote from scania :Sorry for I see this post so late

there are another layout may also suitable for you

Exactly! That's where an inspiration did occur... I have finished one so far... it is quite difficult to start doing them with similar fashion as I have done before, due I simply don't remember all kinds of aspects about what's what and what is suitable...

...I hope I can revive this thing back to alive in some point... probably not in near future... unless...
Anyway, thank you!
Welcome back UM21? Rofl

MTDZX- Flat Out! Series! Track Pack I
(8 posts, started )