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Nations World League Season 3 Sporting Rules
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Nations World League Season 3 Sporting Rules
Here are the sporting rules of the Nations World League Season 3.

  1. The on-track behaviour complies with the Rules of Clean Racing.
  2. Protests and appeals can be filed in the corresponding thread until Tuesday 19:00 UTC after the race.
  3. If a driver is found guilty, penalties will be applied at admin's discretion. Generally the penalties shall be applied to the session the infraction took place. In severe cases drivers and/or nations can be excluded from competiton.
  4. If a penalty cannot be applied to the session of infraction, the penalty can be converted to a grid penalty for the next round.
Course of events
  1. The events start as it is stated in schedule. Times are given in coordinated universal time, UTC.
  2. Qualifying is an open server practice session. There are no restrictions, times are tracked via Airio. Once the server is set to the next combo, the laps are registered to qualifiyng. The session will be set private one hour before the start of the race.
  3. The time trail is an autocross session scheduled for a race distance, where all drivers drive the distance individually. The starting order is derived from the tracked qualifying times. Due to the restrictions of the sessions by Live for Speed, contact with movable objects may result in time penalties.
  4. Race is a race session started by a standing start. The starting order is given by the result of the previous session.
  5. Rallycross is a series of short races with small grids. Every driver competes in 4 heat races. The best 12 drivers of the heat races, based on their added up finishing times from the heat races, advance into the two semifinals à 6 cars. The podium finishers of both semifinals advance into the finale.
  6. The head-to-head event is a series of short races, where two cars directly compete with each other on a Moebius strip track. The drivers are split into groups, based on their qualifying results. The best four drivers advance into semifinals, of which the winners advance into the finale.
  7. During the races rejoining is allowed at any time. However it is under all circumstances penelised by the loss of one lap.

Driver who completed 75% of a race distance are eligable for championship points. For more information on the championship standings and the calculation of championship and cup points, please read the Championship Standings thread.

Nations World League Season 3 Sporting Rules
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