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CITYLIGA 8 hours of Rockingham - Test Races
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30 minutes until pre-race practice.
1 hour until qualifying.
Again, only 2 people finished the race out of only 8 starters.
Quote from :Yes its getting pretty difficult to organize something. (sidenote; I was asleep, seems operation recovery still demanding it's price)

It's not difficult to organise something, it's difficult to get people to attend.
Test race four is tonight at 19:30 UTC+1, 30 minutes of free qualifying and a 2 hour race. You may swap drivers during this one.

See you tonight.
50 minutes until qualifying.
having the testraces on different days would be good because people have free time on different days.
for example i did one testrace but often saturday is not best time for me...
I guess we could organise another, one night this week perhaps? So far only 3 people are online for tonight's so I'm not sure I can really be bothered to organise one mid-week.
Quali has started.
Test race 4 cancelled due to lack of attendance

That's 3 events in a row we've had 2 people turn up.

I know, Dave. I'm just surprised that a 'content' update (which everyone was praying for) comes along and then nobody gives a shit. It's a shame to see that the 8 Hours of Rockingham won't go ahead due to lack of interest when the same event on Westhill last year had a full grid.
Sad but true Frown
It cuts me to the quick to see this. I sadky didn't have time saturdays for these practice races. I know it wouldn't have helped as it would have been just one more person.

Still a big thank you to you, [TC-R] for organising these races.
Saturday's final test race will go ahead. Seeing as the main event on Sunday is now a 2 hour race we will use the qualifying results to form the grid and we'll run a full event length session.

See you there.
The final CL8H test race takes place tomorrow, Saturday 2nd July at 19:30 UTC+1. This race will take the format of Sunday's race. There will be no qualifying, we will use the qualifying results from official qualifying. Other drivers may join at the back.

See you there!

Final Test Race - Saturday 2nd July @ 19:30 UTC+1: 2 Hour Race

The server is now open for practice. We will start the race in 30 minutes.
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CITYLIGA 8 hours of Rockingham - Test Races
(45 posts, closed, started )