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Statement: Button clutch
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Statement: Button clutch
Throughout last season and the first race of this season, we have witnessed an ever-increasing number of drivers who use button clutch. We consider this an unfair advantage and will therefor no longer allow this to happen. From Round 3 onwards, it will be mandatory for all drivers to use auto clutch to level the playing field. The only exception is that drivers, who use a H-shifter, will be allowed to use an axis clutch.

Breaking this rule will lead to a warning on the first violation. Should the driver in question continue to break the rules, he will receive time penalties or even disqualifications.
#2 - CSF
Oooo Button clutch... dat takes me back to 2009
#3 - troy
Good stuff, even though it will be hard to police but an official stand against it from the cityliga is a good step I think. Maybe Scawen can also help a little at some point and get this fixed on his side, he seems to have it on his list at least.
What's so op about using a button for clutch?
Quote from racer autov8 :What's so op about using a button for clutch?

It gives you solid advantage during changing gears, the rest you can guess yourself Smile
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Statement: Button clutch
(5 posts, closed, started )