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Cityliga 22 Announcement
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#1 - n3ox
Cityliga 22 Announcement

After the winter break CL returns for its first 2016 season! CityLiga 22 will feature a 10 race calendar again, including (almost) all car classes and venues, even Rockingham! As usual, there will be a one-off endurance event after the end of CL22, but for now we've decided to keep the details to ourselves.

As at the beginning of every new CL year there are a number of rule changes. Due to the low levels of participation in the grid qualifyings between the blocks of races in season 20 and 21, they've been scrapped. Instead, we're returning to a revised promotion/relegation system in which a certain number of the best and worst drivers in a grid well be promoted and relegated respectively, based on their results in the last block of races. The GQ before the season to determine who ends up in which grid initially will remain as is. Since this is the first season to feature S3 content, drivers will need an S3 licence to participate in all rounds. S2 licenced drivers are also eligible, however, they will be unable to compete in any round that includes S3 content.

The calendar for season 22 looks like this: (Note: CET = GMT+1)
  • Tue, 02.02.2016 @ 00:00 CET – Fri, 12.02.2016 @ 23:59 CET: Grid Qualifying: GTI@SO5R + FOX @WE1R
  • Mon, 15.02.2016 – Round 1 – GTI @ South City Town rev. (SO5R)
  • Mon, 29.02.2016 – Round 2 – FOX @ Westhill National rev. (WE1R)
  • Mon, 14.03.2016 – Round 3 – GT2 @ Kyoto Ring National rev. (KY2R)
  • Mon, 28.03.2016 – Round 4 – FXO + RB4 @ South City Long (SO4)
  • Mon, 11.04.2016 – Round 5 – LX4 @ Fern Bay Gold (FE3)
  • Mon, 25.04.2016 – Round 6 – FO8 @ Aston Grand Prix (AS5)
  • Mon, 09.05.2016 – Round 7 – XRT @ Westhill International (WE2)
  • Mon, 23.05.2016 – Round 8 – FBM @ Rockingham ISSC (RO1)
  • Mon, 06.06.2016 – Round 9 – UF1 @ Aston North rev. (AS7R)
  • Mon, 20.06.2016 – Round 10 – NGT @ Blackwood GP Track (BL1)
Hi, please could I have my password reset for cityliga

Username is C.Tinkler
#3 - n3ox
I'm looking forward to this upcoming season!
how many drivers per team, 3?
yes, three
#10 - n3ox
Due to the lack of admins for additional grids and since we are on the treshhold between two and three grids (with 67 active drivers), we decided to overcrowd the second grid like we already did last season. The experience of the last seasons showed us, that the probability for drivers not showing up for races in grid 2 is pretty high and that 32 startpositions should be still enough. Just in case there are more than 32 starters, we will expand the grid- & pitslots, and we also expanded the scoringsystem for this case.
#11 - n3ox
That's very generous of you, Dave. Kudos.
Damn it. Sadly i couldnt race in r5&6 Big grin Now i need to buy s3 for the next race....^^
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Cityliga 22 Announcement
(16 posts, closed, started )