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Livestream / media corner
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Livestream / media corner
Thanks for that! I' ve forgotten to post it here.
audio commentary will continue in ~2 hours. maybe with better audio then.
I didn't here the commentary, so I don't really know what to change in LfS or maybe in Teamspeak to make it work better...
Microphone level needs to be upped a few notches and LFS sound down a click or two. To make it better understandable, especially @on board cam. Basically it needs to be reversed, commentary louder then LFS.

Also LFS sound was muted for some time. Is the new Audio option "keep LFS sound on when window is inactive" accidentally turned off?
mic is at boosted up as i can figure out on this laptop. it works okay when talking on teamspeak so i think the cars are just too loud in comperasion. racesound a bit lower would be good. (lfs.exe sound in windows?)

in few minutes a new round of denglisch audio comment
stream broken. its work in progress and work is in progress Smile
the technical person who can restart stream is currently driving..i will post if it works again.
also write in chat if you want english or german
Stream is back again.
Quote from KlausAdam :Stream is back again.

Sorry for spam, but can you reply to PM I wrote to you ~4h ago? Big grin Thanks Smile
I'm very sorry, didn't saw you message.
norman is currently doing commentary
audio volumes are better now
Quote from Gutholz :also write in chat if you want english or german

For me it doesn't matter but I write in English otherwise I am busy for a week constructing my sentences.

Livestream / media corner
(14 posts, started )