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DoP24h2016 Briefing
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DoP24h2016 Briefing

The procedure is the same as every year. But even this time it is a very special 24 hours race. At first, we are more(!) teams than last year.
Second: We have one grid with only one car class, N-GTR's. All teams and drivers have the same basic race conditions! The whole grid is very fast, even some are a bit quicker.
So please, read your briefing intent. Thanks.

Main Race: on Saturday, 2016, 23 Jan 2016
* MEZ 10.00 (GMT 09.00): Server OPEN
* MEZ 11.00 (GMT 10.00): 24h Race START
* race: 24 hours
* no lag lap and no restart
* pitstop and changing driver is allowed
* yellow and blue flag are to attend
* tidy driving in the pitlane
* in general: one Admin is on the server

Only the start driver is allowed to join the server!
Be on track 30 min before start for preparing the installation!

Race facts:
You will not win in the first lap, even not in the first or second corner!
* Respect competition and slower drivers!
* Respect blue flag!
* Notice yellow flag!
* Careless overtaking endangers other teams, so drive clean and fair!
* For pit in and out notice the track layout, especially at the end of the pitlane.
* Otherwise a 'Drive-through-penalty' may be given! Admins are on track!
* Prevent lag! Only for driver changes join the server as late as possible!

After the change leave the server immediately to give the other team a chance for a change, as you would like to have too.
Admins will have focus on boxenstopps and procedure, too.

Burnoutcrew Support:

24h DoP Tracker:

24h DoP LfS-Remote:

24h DoP Livestream:

DoP Teamsprech:
On the right hand, you find the Race- and Teamchannel.
If you want to get in contact with Admins, please join Admin or Fanatics Smile
Each Team has its own Teamspeak Channel and together a great Drivers Lounge. You are welcome!

Thats it. Have a good race.
Enjoy and keep racing!

KlausAdam & Normann

DoP24h2016 Briefing
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