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MHServers Rockingham 300(km) - Annoucnement & Pre-Race Discussion
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MHServers Rockingham 300(km) - Annoucnement & Pre-Race Discussion
You have decided, and the first full scale league race on the new Rockingham oval will be a 300 kilometer race in the XRT. This race will be both a challenge on close aerodynamic competition and a challenge on cornering and tire management.

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Rulebook (PDF)

Car: XRT (XR GT Turbo)
184 kW (247 hp)
1223 kg (2696 lb)

Track: RO3 (Rockingham Oval)
2.363 km (1.468 mi)

16 January 2016 at 15:00 UTC

Single Car Runs - 1 outlap, 2 hotlaps, 1 inlap

16 January 2016 at 15:45 UTC

Rolling start after 3 pace laps.
127 race laps (300.101 km / 186.436 miles)

Special thank to for your support of Worldwide Racing over the years. Smile
I want to place emphasis on the following sections of the Rulebook, and post two informational videos for starts/restarts and entering pit lane.

The beginning of this video does not apply to this event, and as such I have cut this video player to begin at the relevant part of the video.

Quote :5.6 Competitors may not leave the racing surface with more than two
wheels at a time in order to gain an advantage.

This includes all turns at the Rockingham oval that this race will be contested on. Especially turn 3. There's a nice diagram in the rulebook on page 5 (page 6 of the PDF) for clarification.

Quote :5.7.2 In full fender vehicles, the competitor following may attempt the
pass if by the turn in point there is any overlap of the two vehicles.... The overtaking competitor must be able to maintain their presented lane through the corner should the
correct amount of overlap exist in any vehicle. If the proper amount of
overlap does not exist at turn in, the leading competitor may take their
line and may not be hindered by their opponent.

Once there is overlap, the driver has the lane. ANY overlap.
Password has been applied Smile. PM me after registration requesting password. Registration will be accepted until 15:30 UTC.

MHServers Rockingham 300(km) - Annoucnement & Pre-Race Discussion
(3 posts, started )