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Vote - Rockingham Oval Event
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Poll : Chose your favorite. Chance your vote until the poll closes :)

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MHServers Rockingham 300(km) - XRT - 127 laps - ~90 min (assuming no FC cautions)
MHServers Rockingham 400(km) - FZR - 170 laps - ~90 min (assuming no FC cautions)
MHServers Rockingham 300(km) - LX6 - 127 laps - ~85 min (assuming no FC cautions)
MHServers Rockingham 500(km) - BF1 OR FO8 - 212 laps - ~90 min (BF1) or ~106 min (FO8) (assuming no FC cautions)
MHServers Rockingham 300(km) - RAC - 127 laps - ~85 min (assuming no FC cautions)
Vote - Rockingham Oval Event
Okay, I've decided that if I'm going to be able to do a Rockingham Oval event, it must be January 16th at 15:00 UTC. Entrants will be required to submit a hotlap to LFS world on the track and car combination that is chosen within 103% of WR at the time that registration opens in order to be eligible. (More on that once registration opens).

MHServers ( has been a great partner of Worldwide Racing for years, and this event will be titled the MHServers Rockingham XXX (number will depend on car chosen).

Please use this thread to vote on the car that you'd like to see featured in the very first "league" Rockingham Oval race in LFS. Thumbs up

Can't decide?! We will have a 1/10th distance practice race in each option car on Saturday 9 January 2016 starting at 15:00 UTC.

Server: [WR] Worldwide Racing
Password: yourchoice

Want to practice online? Server is up unprotected right now Thumbs up

Feel free to discuss Smile
IF Rockingham 500(km) is chosen, there will be a separate vote to chose BF1 or FO8 at a later time.
Okay, changed my vote from LX6 to FO8 after the test day. This track doesn't drive anything like Kyoto Ring in a race.

I don't see any passing in the XRT, but I could be wrong Smile

We will go with whatever is voted Smile
Okay, changed vote again. XRT is awesome Smile I was wrong

Vote - Rockingham Oval Event
(4 posts, started )