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Shots of OWRL FOX with Vale?
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Shots of OWRL FOX with Vale?
Hello everyone. Does anyone still have old OWRL replays of the FOX races, where a certain Vale of spdo was competing? Or, alternatively have some screenshots of that time?
Those replays used to be on spdo Database, have you tried contacting joshdifabio?
No, didn't have that idea yet, thanks. Since the OWRL website is down my first thought was to post here, I'm afraid.
No worries.

I don't think those replays were on the OWRL website when it was still alive. You can always try contacting Krutch or germanpio, as they might have them on their personal archive but it seems like a long shot. I think your best shot is probably Josh, unless he has no back-up of spdo Database left.
Josh has nothing, sadly. I was however told by someone else, that there is someone, who has burnt the database to DVDs. I contact him.
I have a backup of most of the OWRL replays, so if you can tell me some of the dates he raced I'm sure I'll find it.
On a quick search I found 31 March 2007 and 17 March 2007 OWRL Div B1
thanks alot Smile
Good stuff, thanks Krutch Smile

Shots of OWRL FOX with Vale?
(10 posts, started )