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CityLiga 10 hours of Westhill
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Quote from n3ox :
you mean the inner cerb in the righthander before the bridge in the 3rd sector. Can be buggy sometimes, yes, so just try to avoid it Smile, we wont take any meassures in this regard

It can kill a car with ease, suspension wise or flipping a car upside down. I already feel for the people which fail to avoid this bug during this ten hours. Taped Shut
It's not that dangerous to FZR - yesterday I drove a full stinth,got cought by the bug twice,both times just spun (quite unrealisticly),no damage. Still annoying though.
I can easily avoid it all the time by just entering the turn later, but at the opening laps with cars keeping close to each other it might mess up the thing imo.
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Less then 6 hours left for the qualifying. So if you havent have a lap yet, go go go! Also keep in mind, after the qualifying no more changes in the driver lineup are possible Wink
Unfortunately, Red Devil Street Racers have to fold from the race.

I hope everyone has a great race and good luck! Smile
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Who is in for another little unofficial practice race this evening? Lets say we meet on the Cityliga Grid 1 Server, start the qualifying 20:15 CEST and then a 2 hour race after it Wink
Why Vladan Sofijanic is removed from #20 in the tracker?
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Quote from MVelikov :Why Vladan Sofijanic is removed from #20 in the tracker?

seem to got lost durring the various changes of your team! I put him back in, didnt change anything in the result of the qualifying.
servers are offline?
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yes, but we are after it. Unfortunatly we havent direct access and have to rely on the ones who provide our servers. But i am confident that it will be alright Smile
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Alright, servers should run again with the right settings. Sorry for the shenanigans
i just wanted to use that picture Wink
I can't underdtand why you penalize chat which don't disturb anybody buut don't make anything against ignoring blue flag which disbalance my pace.
Well in the main blue flag are ok but you have to spend a whole lap or more behind few teams indeed...
think best just write to teams directly (or their numbers) so they know about it..otherwise everybody assumes somebody else is meant
Sorry to 86 Furtive Racing for the contact/spin by #78 in lap 173 or so.
While Knistling was driving the pedals cable got loose and we lost 7 positions and lots of time to fix it. Kinda hectic and was terrible unconcentrated stint afterwards.
Rony sorry for that touch in the last turn in lap 207 or 208. I thought you left a gap for me, I didn't read the situation well.
Well,I focused more on what was going on ahead,as the car ahead seemed to leave gap for me,so I went for it without realising that you do same on me. Dump happens... Shrug
Damn.... just went into the pits too fast and DT for the last hour Frown I'm such an idiot...
Good race guys, massive grid. I think we can do more of that Smile
That was brilliant Smile thanks to everyone involved in running the event Smile
Unlucky with the timeout in the end, but still we had much fun.. Congratz to the winners though, Team Vires in their own league and James being outstanding. Great job Smile
Thank you organizers for a fantastic event, and backmarkers for being respectful Smile
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CityLiga 10 hours of Westhill
(104 posts, closed, started )