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Portuguese (European) Translations Corrections
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Portuguese (European) Translations Corrections
Hello, I performed the following corrections to the EU portuguese translations file:

* The user is now always talked to as the 2nd person singular (informal). Before, it was inconsistent, sometimes the 2nd person was used, other times the 3rd (formal);
* Corrected some words to be in agreement with the new portuguese spelling reform (e.g. "accionar" to "acionar");
* Corrected some sentences to sound more european portuguese and less brazilian portuguese (changed verbs to the infinitive form instead of -ing form(e.g. "a fazer" instead of "fazendo"; "controle" to "controlo"; "carroceria" to "carroçaria");
* Minor corrections (letters missing, wrong accents, inconsistencies in the use of capital letters, abreviations where there was no need, fixed some word orders, removed wrongly placed commas,...);

If I find more improvements i'll update the file Smile

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very nice Smile

Portuguese (European) Translations Corrections
(2 posts, started )