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Round 4 [FE3] - Information and Discussion
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Round 4 [FE3] - Information and Discussion
Track: Fern Bay Gold (FE3)
Server Name: & GenR GT Challenge 1 and & GenR GT Challenge 2

Pre-Qualifying Start: Friday, 03.10.2014 at 18:00 UTC
Pre-Qualifying End: Saturday, 04.10.2014 at 18:00 UTC
Start of Qualifying: Sunday 05.10.2013 at 17:45 UTC
Start of Race: Sunday, 05.10.2013 at 18:15 UTC

Qualifying and race start times for Server 2 will be 15 minutes later.

The passwords for pre-qualifying will be sent out at least 3 hours before the start of the session.

The passwords for the 62 fastest drivers will be sent out after the official pre-qualifying results have been released and the confirmation period has ended.

You may discuss the race and ask questions in this thread.
I've fixed the PM stuff, can I get the password now?
Since I am not yet home, Can someone tell me the current 103.5 % cut-off time please? So I know how hopeless my situation is

How many people set a lap so far?
After my calculation - 1:14.42 (35 in currently). Looks bad for us... :/
Thanks for your calculations
mass disconnect?
Such ddos

Also, I saw all cars disappearing for a few seconds every now and then before the timeout... not good
server good
server dropped me too...
3 guys are still driving on server 1 lol
Noone is able to join any from servers as far as I see that in remote.
#14 - Sn1p
atleast it was server, thought i have lc, if it would be for me lc than i am fail for life... every race so unlucky, just like this at beginning..
Mass disconnect, everyone please reconnect to their servers.
You should now be able to join again.
I am honestly very sorry I did not show up today. It is not my style to stay away without notice. The day grew older and older. When I realised I couldn't make it back home in time, I sadly did not have a cell phone around to notify it earlier.
Sorry for that mass crash I started with my mistake at the fast right hander,shame that it ended so badly. But mr.Weber - how about lifting when you see crash ahead? You took the foot off throttle only when your car crossed barriers.
roman omg last lap roman fast.39 fault
just saw 2 last laps in stream..unlucky move
This was incredible Race unbelievable I think now I'm feeling fully wonderful physic LFS slipstream was invincible . Last 10 laps was for me on 100% and I enjoyed it 10/10 points. Unlucky finish but joy prevails over sadness
av rolled
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Quote from Flame CZE :av rolled

Welcome to club!

Allthough technically I didn't 'av rolled,more like got raped.
LFS hates me.

Tyre rolled under my front left wheel on my client and destroyed the suspension...
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Round 4 [FE3] - Information and Discussion
(29 posts, closed, started )