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Round 1 [KY2] - Information and Discussion
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Round 1 [KY2] - Information and Discussion
Track: Kyoto Ring National (KY2)
Server Name: & GenR GT Challenge 1 and & GenR GT Challenge 2

Pre-Qualifying Start: Friday, 22.08.2014 at 18:00 UTC
Pre-Qualifying End: Saturday, 23.08.2014 at 18:00 UTC
Start of Qualifying: Sunday 24.08.2013 at 17:45 UTC
Start of Race: Sunday, 24.08.2013 at 18:15 UTC

The passwords for pre-qualifying will be sent out at least 3 hours before the start of the session.

The passwords for the 62 fastest drivers will be sent out after the official pre-qualifying results have been released and the the confirmation period has ended.

You may discuss the race and ask questions in this thread.
Round 1 [Ky2] - Setup sharing
I've noticed quite some people on our training server struggling to find or make a good racing setup for the FXR, so I decided to share what I've come up with so far. I attached a R3/R2 racing set and a R4/R3 racing set.

The R3/R2 is the fastest and most developed at this point, but harder to keep the tire temperatures at bay, the R4/R3 is easier to handle and probably just as fast in the opening laps, but you will struggle for grip after the heatpeak. Keep the front tyre temps below 125, preferably max 120 degrees at all times with the R3/R2, or you will struggle with the middle section of the tyres heating up in corners at the end of your stint.

If you're struggling with too much heat in the tyres on R3/R2, I suggest practising with the harder compound and learning to manage that first. The R3/R2 setup can't handle being driven like a hooligan.

Attached files
FXR_Bert Ky2 R1.5.set - 132 B - 553 views
FXR_Bert Ky2 R2.1.set - 132 B - 596 views
I would really like a decent setup for the FZR because i have only FZ2 sets and im not that good at making sets for FZR especially with ballast..
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Too bad I won't be able to race the very first round as my G27 pedals have some serious spiking issues...but I will make sure to tune in and watch the rest of you compete!
Best of luck, guys. Remember to have fun on the race day and keep it fair
Use dxtweak, it helps ;-)
I'm looking foreward to tomorrow's race ! It should be some blast.
First race after about 3 years... i will die
50 cars in 1 second... yes!!!
Just a quick question, if 31 drivers start on server 1 and the same for server 2, if 5 drivers DNF on server 1 does that mean that the server 2 positions will then go up according to how many drivers have crashed off?
Quote from Deutschland2007 :There will still be two servers, but points will be awarded for overall positions with all classified cars of Server 2 being placed behind all classified cars in Server 1. For example: If 20 cars are classified on the first server, the winner on the second server will be classified in 21st position. That way, it actually is an advantage to pre-qualify yourself into Server 1 and it will also be rewarded accordingly.

Sick, thanks
I'm very sorry about to have sent you spinning Rony, and to catch you in the accident Thai. It was totally my mistake, braked too late for a survival of both cars.
If you come to Munich and I can kick your ass,we're good!

Anyway,it was just another incident in incidents full race,so many mistakes,so many time lost,only in last 5 laps of my 1st stinth I managed to release all what I can,set even fastest lap at one point,after pit just pushing to keep some concentration alive,tried to catch Reetz at end,but few my mistakes and unlucky situation with one of Duffins crossed over my chances. Bad race for me...
Some good driving and sportsmanship on grid 2, much to my surprise! Gutted to have missed out on grid 1 by .03 but that's what I get for laziness. Great race, happy with 2nd (32nd), looking forward to round 2, hopefully on grid 1!
Start went a bit crazy, did not realise the green lights and so i lost positions directly on start. I tried to avoid contacts and fights in the first corner, so i gained 4 positions at start. After the mess up in Lap2/Turn2 i gained more positions and i tried to get closer to J.Weber, but it seems that he had a lot more traction with cold tyres.
In Lap 6 or so, i got the glitchy curb and spun. After getting back to track i slapped myself and said: "concentrate!" During the race i had some nice fights and my performance was better than expected. Don't know if Top 10 were possible. In my 2nd stint i got faster and faster and managed to drive constant 35s with a few low 36s and i finished 17th.... started from 27th (on grid 2)

I am happy with that result, cause it was my first race since 2010
See you in next race
I apologise to cars 116, 33 and 62 for several contacts I caused.
I'll have the results and championship standings done by tomorrow.
Quote from Deutschland2007 :I'll have the results and championship standings done by tomorrow.

Not good enough. I'm disappointed. 0/5 must try harder
Quote from IsaacPrice :Not good enough. I'm disappointed. 0/5 must try harder

Still a week faster then LFSCART guys...
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Round 1 [KY2] - Information and Discussion
(20 posts, closed, started )