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Round 3 [WE1R] - Confirmations
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Round 3 [WE1R] - Confirmations
Please use the following format to confirm your entry:

Number, Firstname Lastname, LFS username, Teamname

An example:
Quote :000, Joe Public, every1one, Example Racing Team

Please only confirm your participation if you are planning to take part in the main event. The 64 fastest drivers from pre-qualifying will be allowed to take part in the main event. Should any of the drivers in the lower grid be unable to attend, they will be replaced with the next car in the pre-qualifying results. The confirmation deadline is Saturday, June 14th at 23:59 UTC.

All confirmed drivers that did not attend must withdraw by Tuesday, 17.06.2014 at 19:30 UTC to not receive a 50-point penalty.
121, Alexander Novokreschenov, [Audi TT]
055, Thilo Falkenberg, TFalke55, Heroes of Racing
110, Eugenio Wynne, nou_1989, AirAttack
019, Przemek Wdowiarz, przemek21061995, Conquest Racing
123, Zdeněk Cagaš, Kid222,
064, Martin Kapal, Flame CZE, SAVAGE SimSports
032, Patrick Hall, FalconBridge, Race Green Autosports
076, Charlie Guerra, Riddick, Sonicrealms Racing
012, Mario-Mladen Marošević, TrIple M
063, Dan Cojocaru, bogdani.cojocaru,
116, Hernán Quinteros, HeRRC, Furtive Racing
117, Lucas Quiroga, MauroBc, Furtive Racing
#13 - Muc
023, Martins Mucenieks, Muc, STO Racing Team
010, Christian Ecker, Mensafest, Heroes of Racing
020, Neil Conway, neilser, Sonicrealms Racing
#16 - Thai
077, Michał Frankowski, Thai, Synowie Toru
017, Connor McMullan, liv4eva, Team [RDSR]
056,Mika Taskinen,Doji73,Corse Motorsports
101, Jaime Prieto, Granmaster, SRT
105, Laury Matonis, prOmo_LTU, SAVAGE SimSports
053, Zlati Zlatev, kochomoch, Fast And Crazy SimSports
022, Banu Basworo, akubosaan, Absolute Beginners ERR
045, Dariusz Rewers, R@fiXII, Synowie Toru
009, Andrejs Laipnieks, laipnieks, CoRe Racing
031, Teemu Soini, teppari, World Class Lions
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Round 3 [WE1R] - Confirmations
(59 posts, closed, started )