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Help to improve TR!
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Help to improve TR!
We have had a very low number of participants in TR so I would like to hear all your comments and thoughts on how to make TR better. What are your ideas and suggestions? How can we get more people to race?

I'm open to all suggestions
For me - earlier start times. As usually I have to go sleep before race finish,so I join only if friday is free or there is some really very good combo. Otherwise I still join only combos I feel to be interesting.

But in general I don't really know - it's just driver's fault,as they're getting lazier (LFS iz dying 'n stuff),some are so choosey,that they don't join races without 20 drivers (funny sometimes when there are some 25 drivers like that).
And lately there were some clashes with other events (like crashmas in 26.dec or GTWS practice race today),since community is getting smaller,it also has big effect.

Well in short - there are no real suggestions from me.
I drove TR few times in past but thursdays for me is bad day since at same time is swim sport, so can only race TR when that is canceled etc.
Second day where I almost never have time in evening is tuesday = No tuesday funrace.
For me personally it is bad luck that the two days on week where I have fixed appointments are the same days as both these events.
Has annoyed me much in past...
Of course there are always some times that are better or worse for different people. Still wanted to write it because for me it is not about track/car combos or something like that.
Less important but maybe notable, Tuesday Funrace and Tordagsrace trainingsday (tuesday) overlap.
#4 - Litro
Yes, time is the main obstacle for me.
lfs motivation, time, combos. In that order.
Work and lack of motivation are one of the main reasons why I'm not racing TR so often nowadays. And of course no S3...

I think this concept might work:

1) 10 min qualifying
2) Sprint race
3) Feature race

Total race time ~ 45 min

Might also consider small and semi-long tracks for racing. Tracks such like KY3 and AS7 are too big and gives no racing when 10-12 people racing. Skip odd combos like UF1@WE1 (big track, slow cars isn't that great in my opinon).

I think this will give more racing when only 10-12 people attending. Hopefully more racers will attend though

The time is difficult to say something about but when you're working early in the morning I wanna sleep around ~ 10pm so no later than that.
-Do all qualifying on same server, no "B server."
Yes maybe it will be a bit more clogged with traffic but afterall it is "hardcore qualy" without shift+p. Bit traffic is just part of it..

-The results screenshot only shows finishers. For example today was 8 finishers but starters was twice. LFS stats would be nice maybe?
For season 34 what do you guys think of this setup for TR?

Qualifying, 15min - 20:30-20:45
Paus, 10min - 20:45-20:55
Race, 30min - 20:55-21:25

All times are CET
Works better for me (but I'm just a casual participant),no idea,what will others say.
Qualifying, 20min - 20:00-20:20
Pause, 5min - 20:20-20:25
Race, 30min - 20:25-20:55

All times are CET

This would be better
I agree with Laipnieks.
30min seems too short for me. 45min is just right.
Maybe in case of small grid have 2x 20min.
Ok, after comments from you guys on both forums, here is the setup for S34:

Qualifying, 20min - 20:00-20:20
Pause, 5min - 20:20-20:25
Race, 45min - 20:25-21:10

I think we will start next week since it is already Tuesday night. I will set up the new combo and we can use this Thursday as a training session if you all like.

I will also continue looking into the possibilities for a 2x20min race reverse grid setup.
Quote from mange_e :

I will also continue looking into the possibilities for a 2x20min race reverse grid setup.

I think 2 races with a reverse grid is an awesome idea.
And because its Hardcore Qualifying it should be limited to 10 minutes. Im a shocker when it comes to the Qually seasons, so it doesnt bother me either way. I would even go with a single lap shootout. Thats confidence. :dnfnoob:

Help to improve TR!
(15 posts, started )