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2014 Kyoto 400 Registration
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Entry Number: 09
Driver Name: Carl Pettersson
LFSWorld Name: carpet200
Nationality: Sweden
Team Affiliation: Scuderia GP Team
Entry Number:12
Driver Name:Krzysztof Jachna
LFSWorld Name:krzycho180
Team Affiliation:Synowie Toru
Ray Kingsbury
Last Lap Motorsports
Entry Number: 07
Driver Name: Mihail Velikov
LFSWorld Name: MVelikov
Nationality: Bulgaria
Team Affiliation: Race Green Autosports
Entry Number: 99
Driver Name: Jakob Laurberg
LFSWorld Name: lamerr
Nationality: Denmark
Team Affiliation: Fragmaster
Entry Number: 17
Driver Name: Nathan Lamothe
LFSWorld Name: nathan246
Nationality: Canada
Team Affiliation: Last Lap Motorsports
Entry Number: 88
Driver Name: Michał Stańczak
LFSWorld Name: (irina)
Nationality: Poland
Team Affiliation: Synowie Toru
Entry Number: 56
Driver Name: Mika Taskinen
LFSWorld Name: doji73
Nationality: Finland
Team Affiliation: Corse Motorsports
Entry Number: 21
Driver Name: Matt Kingsbury
LFSWorld Name: Mustangman759
Nationality: USA
Team Affiliation: Last Lap Motorsports
Entry Number: 31
Driver Name: Yuri Laszlo
LFSWorld Name: Yuri Laszlo
Nationality: Brazil
Team Affiliation: H2O Motorsports
(F1 mainiac) DELETED by F1 mainiac : A bit lower than this
Entry Number: 33
Driver Name: Karl Raudsepp
LFSWorld Name: TypeRacing
Nationality: Estonia
Team Affiliation: SAVAGE SimSports
#37 - EzA
[CODE]Entry Number:61
Driver Name:P.Nappi
LFSWorld Name:eza
Nationality fin
Team: World Class Lions
Quote from F1 mainiac :Entry Number: 11
Driver Name: Bozhidar Velinov
LFSWorld Name: F1 mainiac
Nationality: Bulgaria
Team Affiliation: World Class Lions (i think it is this xD)

Off topic : Are skins a must?

Update (yes.. again)
Entry Number: 01 ok?
Driver Name: Erik Manelius
LFSWorld Name: Firexter
Nationality: Finland
Team Affiliation: World Class Lions
Eh, why not...:monkey:

Entry Number: 28
Driver Name: Zdeněk Cagaš
LFSWorld Name: Kid222
Nationality: Czech Republic
Team Affiliation:
(EzA) DELETED by Cornys : Duplicate
Entry Number: 90
Driver Name: Zoltan Gacsi
LFSWorld Name: wody21
Nationality: Hungary
Team Affiliation: Angry Angus Racing
Quote from TFalke55 :Entry Number: 15
Driver Name: Thilo Falkenberg
LFSWorld Name: TFalke55
Nationality: Germany
Team Affiliation: Heroes of Racing

sorry I've got to withdraw
Entry Number: 24
Driver Name: Connor Cross
LFSWorld Name: Sapo
Nationality: USA
Team Affiliation: Last Lap Motorsports
#44 - jkat
Entry Number: 44
Driver Name: Jari Katila
LFSWorld Name: jkat
Nationality: Finland
Team Affiliation: World Class Lions
Quote from fwj515 :Entry Number: 91
Driver Name: Jake Cameron
LFSWorld Name: fwj515
Nationality: English
Team Affiliation: Last Lap Motorsports

Entry Number: 74
Driver Name: Sebastian Rodriguez
LFSWorld Name: El Seba
Nationality: Uruguay
Team Affiliation: -
I hope , i'm not too late

Entry Number: 94
Driver Name: Branislav Goga
LFSWorld Name: BranislavS
Nationality: Slovak
Team Affiliation: Sunday Drivers Inc.
Entry Number:34
Driver Name:Cem Dalda
LFSWorld Name:turkishcan
Team Affiliation:----
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2014 Kyoto 400 Registration
(48 posts, closed, started )