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2014 Kyoto 400 Registration
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2014 Kyoto 400 Registration
In order to participate in the 2014 Kyoto 400 or any of its practice sessions please post the appropriate information here and receive credit for at least 2 practice sessions.

Entry Number:
Driver Name:
LFSWorld Name:
Team Affiliation:

Drivers will be required to display their entry number upon their license plate in all sessions and their in game driver name will be required to show their entry number in white in front of their first initial and full last name as follows: 00 D.Name

Drivers names may be in any color desired.

Skins will not be permitted to show numbers other than that driver's entry number.

Entry List: https://dl.dropboxusercontent. ... %20400%20Entry%20List.pdf
Glad you decided to do this.

Entry Number: 27
Driver Name: Travis Wilber
LFSWorld Name: Mr. Kninja
Nationality: USA
Team Affiliation: Advocare Racing
Entry Number: 78
Driver Name: Venelin Venelinov
LFSWorld Name: ventspils_619
Nationality: Bulgaria
Team Affiliation: Fast And Crazy SimSports
Entry Number: 11
Driver Name: Bozhidar Velinov
LFSWorld Name: F1 mainiac
Nationality: Bulgaria
Team Affiliation: World Class Lions (i think it is this xD)

Off topic : Are skins a must?
Entry Number: 32
Driver Name: Patrick Hall
LFSWorld Name: FalconBridge
Nationality: Canada
Team Affiliation: Race Green Autosports
Entry Number: 46
Driver Name: Borislav Botev
LFSWorld Name: BorislavB
Nationality: Bulgaria
Team Affiliation: Fast And Crazy SimSports
Entry Number: 91
Driver Name: Jake Cameron
LFSWorld Name: fwj515
Nationality: English
Team Affiliation: nFinity eSports
Entry Number: 96
Driver Name: Rony Kronpušs
LFSWorld Name: Eclipsed
Nationality: Latvia
Team Affiliation: Race Green Autosports
Entry Number: 53
Driver Name: Zlati Zlatev
LFSWorld Name: kochomoch
Nationality: Bulgaria
Team Affiliation: Fast And Crazy SimSports
Entry Number: 64
Driver Name: Martin Kapal
LFSWorld Name: Flame CZE
Nationality: Czech Republic
Team Affiliation: SAVAGE SimSports
(michal 1279) DELETED by michal 1279 : Withdrawn
Entry Number: 55
Driver Name: Mats Sjoblom
LFSWorld Name: sjoblom
Nationality: Sweden
Team Affiliation: Independent Racing Mates (IRM)
Entry Number: 83
Driver Name: Lyubomir Stefanov
LFSWorld Name: razlikataa
Nationality: Bulgaria
Team Affiliation: Fast And Crazy SimSports
#14 - xyx
Entry Number: 06
Driver Name: Roman Cvikl
LFSWorld Name: xyx
Nationality: Slovenia
Team Affiliation: N/A
Entry Number:14
Driver Name:Remco Majoor
LFSWorld Name:CodeLyoko1
Nationality:THE Netherlands
Team Affiliation:Last Lap Motorsports
Entry Number:50
Driver Name:Bertil Holmberg
LFSWorld Name:Cawwa
Team Affiliation:Independent Racing Mates
Entry Number: 38
Driver Name: Göran Bruns
LFSWorld Name: yankman
Nationality: Germany
Team Affiliation: none
Entry Number: 69
Driver Name: Sami Huovinen
LFSWorld Name: Jatimc
Nationality: Finland
Team Affiliation: Corse
Entry Number: 36
Driver Name: Yannick Lemmens
LFSWorld Name: yanki
Nationality: Belgium
Team Affiliation: Scuderia GP Team
Entry Number: 26
Driver Name: Danny ter Maten
LFSWorld Name: danielroelofs
Nationality: Dutch
Team Affiliation: Corse Motorsports
Entry Number: 02
Driver Name: Elvis Lībietis
LFSWorld Name: MousemanLV
Nationality: Latvia
Team Affiliation: Genuine Racing
Entry Number: 04
Driver Name: Kai Puro
LFSWorld Name: pantiainen
Nationality: Finnish
Team Affiliation: Corse Motorsports
Entry Number:67
Driver Name:Sebastian Wojtkowiak
LFSWorld Name:intrex1020
Team Affiliation:-
Entry Number: 81
Driver Name: Dawid Ostój
LFSWorld Name: morii (morii is S2 licensed)
Nationality: Poland
Team Affiliation:Synowie Toru
Entry Number: 15
Driver Name: Thilo Falkenberg
LFSWorld Name: TFalke55
Nationality: Germany
Team Affiliation: Heroes of Racing
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2014 Kyoto 400 Registration
(48 posts, closed, started )