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Round 1: Race Discussion
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Round 1: Race Discussion
Track: South City Chicane Route (SO6)
Distance: 2x 23 laps
Date: Wednesday 13 November 2013

18:45 UTC / 19:45 CET - 15 min Qualification
19:10 UTC / 20:10 CET - Race 1
19:45 UTC / 20:45 CET - Race 2

Note: The password will only be sent to participants who confirmed their attendance.
I signed up too late i think (not 2 hours before Q), can I still get the pass ?
Awesome to have people on the track who don't know how to perform a blue flag under certain circumstances. In the 1st race got crashed pretty much at the very last laps, lost 9th position aand then, on the 2nd race I started from the end of the grid. Even staying behind all the grid on the very first lap, I still managed to get crashed.
Will there be any chances to fill out a protest?
of course u can

Round 1: Race Discussion
(5 posts, started )