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Round 5 [WE1R] - Confirmations
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Round 5 [WE1R] - Confirmations
Please use the following format to confirm your entry:

Number, Firstname Lastname, LFS username, Teamname

An example:
Quote :010, Joe Public, every1one, Example Racing Team

Please only confirm your participation if you are planning to take part in the main event. The 64 fastest confirmed drivers from pre-qualifying will be allowed to take part in the main event. The confirmation deadline is Tuesday at 23:59 UTC.

All confirmed drivers that did not attend must withdraw by Thursday, 24.10.2013 at 19:45 UTC to not receive a 15-point penalty.
64, Martin Kapal, Flame CZE, SAVAGE SimSports
33, Karl Raudsepp, TypeRacing, SAVAGE SimSports
76, Charlie Guerra, Riddick, Sonicrealms Racing
#5 - sofke
27,Sofijanic Vladan,sofke,serbian racing team
19, Przemek Wdowiarz, przemek21061995, Conquest Racing
48, Christian Müller, Ascona b, eXtrem Racing
96, Mike Peters, Mikey23, eXtrem Racing
46, Pablo Santos, Max-biaggi, lastlapmotorsports
06, Ricardo Costa, OTone, Sonicrealms Racing
37, Mihail Velikov, MVelikov, Fast And Crazy
55, Thilo Falkenberg, TFalke55, Heroes of Racing
#13 - Muc
23, Mārtiņš Mucenieks, Muc, Sex Tourism Organizers
81, Thomas Saville, savvy, [TC] Racing
91, Markus Blohm, NiceGuy, BurnoutCrew
53, Zlati Zlatev, kochomoch, Fast And Crazy
#17 - AsnL
99, Miłosz Garbolewski, AsnL, Conquest Racing
073, Csaba Terhes, TCsabee,
71, Frank Sinchety, Franky.S, Sonicrealms Racing
85, Jens Schreiber, Jens_Schreiber, BurnoutCrew
72, Jan-Ole Schreiber, Jan-Ole, BurnoutCrew
17, Mike Röll, jonny5lebt, BurnoutCrew
82, Pete Butcher, MButcher, [TC] Racing
39, Péter Vadász, hunter84 ( no team )
80, Chris McElroy, Degats, [TC] Racing
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Round 5 [WE1R] - Confirmations
(28 posts, closed, started )