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Thanks for the Memories
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Thanks for the Memories
Worldwide Racing (Forerly known as Realistic NASCAR) will close effective today. The 3rd Annual World TBO Championship Series will be scuttled as it stands after 3 of 6 rounds have been completed unless another organization or adminstration team would like to continue it. PM me if this is the case.

We, as an adminstration team have lost the desire to continue opperating as many competitors have as well. While this is sad news for not only myself, but for all of us invloved with Worldwide Racing, I would like to direct the attention backward, for this is where the organization will rest.

I have had some very great experiences while working to create and grow this organization. All of us involved have. We've learned a lot about ourselves and each other. Please, if you are compelled to do so, post your best memory of racing in, watching, or administrating our events.

I will allow our old records and replays to remain online for as long as I am able to.

Worldwide Racing / Realistic NASCAR
January 22, 2011 - October 6, 2013

Our first event:

Thanks for the memories,
Cameron Corns
My best memories stem from the Kyoto 400. Rather it was the awesome broadcast that Thilo and Dekojester produced for the Inaugural running in 2012 or Kid's "Kyoto Shake" video from 2013 I'm not sure.

Of course I cannot forget the 29 car grid for the Westhill GP in 2011 or the (honestly) hate filled fued between Niki and Isaac in 2012. God how you two made our jobs hard last year .

Oh, and the 2013 IndyCar 250 must be mentioned as the worst memory. My how ugly the race was. . And other bad memories stem from how hard we tried to promote our events in this last year with no results to show for it basically.

Thanks for the Memories
(2 posts, started )