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ETCC League event!
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When and where can we find numberplates for the skins?

Can you please explain what kind of qualifying format is ETCC going to use?

Also, is there any GT1 class balancing restrictions or just normal pure beast GTR cars?

And how will the rev grid work exactly? I mean is it top 6/8/10 rev from race 1 or qualifying or even the whole grid?

I can't find any of those on your website or here on forum.
#27 - ETCC
European Touring Car Cup League 2
At ETCC we have decided to make another league that will start in the new year around January, February time, it will be a GT2 event with 16 rounds. We are making a website at the moment for this second event we are hosting but if you want to go and look at the main ETCC event the website link is

We are looking for teams that wish to enter 2-5 drivers to register a team just e-mail me at and make sure you say that its for the new league.

On the race night there will be 2 admins present to watch over the race and give penalty's after the race.

The points system will be:
1st/ 20 points
2nd/ 17 points
3rd/ 15 points
4th/ 13 points
5th/ 11 points
6th/ 10 points
7th/ 9 points
8th/ 8 points
9th/ 7 points
10th/ 6 points
11th/ 5 points
12th/ 4 points
13th/ 3 points
14th/ 2 points
15th/ 1 point

On the event night there will be one 20 minutes Qualifying and then a 30 min race, after the first race there will be another 30 min race but reverse grid.

the results will be posted and upload to the website within 2 days of the event.
#28 - ETCC
ETCC GT2 website is now live!

We have the design of the website so that you can go on and look at the forum and sign your team up to the league just go to and click on the GT2 league
#30 - ETCC
We have a first team that have signed up e-mail or PM me to sign a team up
#31 - ETCC
GT2 Testing
Hello, ETCC is a GTR and GT2 league we have a GT2 event coming up soon and want to do some last minute testing before tyhe league starts, the information we got from this night will also help us with the next GTR League.

We will be testing:
- Reverse grid (top 8 people from first race)
- Pit stop (Must change tires in the pits)

We will be testing this on Wednesday the 27th of February at 7:00 pm UK time and will be taking place on the GT2 event server, We would love for anyone to come along and help us to make our league better

There will be a 10 minute qualifying on the night starting at 7.00pm UK time and three 5 lap races after to test these things.

There will also be a email going around with more details about changes in the league in full detail.

Thank you
ETCC GT2 Round 1 Results
Apr 09, 2013
Round #1 BLGP

Finally the GT2 season started and Hiromi got an amazing pole in qualify but was followed by AMG in 2nd and 3rd. Hiromi made a mistake early on to let Reflex past for the lead and then let phenom past for 2nd but as hiromi got back on track he picked his moment to pass phenom. Down the line Jettasuba with damage was being chased down by [AMG] D.Farmer and from lap 5 there was no more passes happened in the race.

The second race came along and Reflex, Hiromi and Phenom had some work to do as the top eight are reversed but out of the three of them phenom made the best progress early on followed by hiromi while reflex dived into the pits early, same as his team mate Bc and on lap 5 LR Phenom made a pit stop to so that let Hiromi into clean air and once he passes D.Farmer that's it he was unstoppable you wasn't going to catch him but mean while there was another race going on between LR Phenom and [AMG]Reflex for lap 6 to 34 they where so close till the end.

Independant drivers welcome to sign up for the league
First race was Reflex fast as rocket one mistake and that was end my victory
Next race aston good luck
Quote from Slovakia ring :First race was Reflex fast as rocket one mistake and that was end my victory
Next race aston good luck

Yeah he was as fast as hell on the first race but it is going to be fun at AS Nat :V Good luck everyone taking part
ETCC GT2 Round 2
Round 2 started and the fx2's know it was going to be hard to beat the xr2's and the fz2's with hiromi closely fowled by an other xr2 and a fz2. As LR Pauli does the best of the fx2's. Early on hiromi had a challenge for the first two laps but as he got into it he just pulled away from every one, down the line there was some good passing from every one but out of the teams [AMG] was the better team as LR and FNC couldn't find the pace.
Race two started with a reverse top eight so this meant some good over taking was going to happen from the start and there was lot's of it. Hiromi made and early mistake witch lead him to spectate later on so this let Jesse take the race win with ease. The best of all there was a grate turn out and the racing was amazing from every one that took part.

ETCC GT2 Round 4
The penalty's have been added to the ETCC Forum, the race results and points will be posted hear soon.
n\S.Wojtkowiak round 4 penalties
n\S.Wojtkowiak Penalty

Contact with [AMG] Luthiano Race 1, lap 2, turn 1 causing a collision rule O-3

Penalty = 5 place grid drop next round

Contact with [AMG] Luthiano Race 1, lap 7, turn 1 causing a collision rule o-3 this time after watching the footage found that after the first initial contact he then proceeded to turn left into [AMG] Luthiano

Penalty = disqualification form race 1 loosing any points gained from that race

also FIRST warning about driving standards ref rule C-1
Hiromi round 4 penalties
Hiromi Penalty round 4

Contact with spdoFade Race 1, lap 2, oval section causing a collision rules O-3 / O-5 / O-6 / CT-5
after review of the indecent looking from all angles spdoFade left a good car width from the edge of the track to allow any pass possible

Penalty = 30 sec time Penalty loosing 2nd plae to finish 11th place

Incident race 2, lap 12, exiting the pits did cross the yellow pit exit line rule P-2

Penalty = 3 place grid drop round 5 race 1
LR Phenom round 4 penalties

ETCC LFS Super Cup 2013: Results Table
This is the results for the ETCC FX2 SUPER CUP!

In this link you will find a google document with all of the points you have gained and from what round.
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ETCC League event!
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