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Aston Cadet 160 (R2) Confirmations
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Aston Cadet 160 (R2) Confirmations
Please confirm that you will be attending this round.
This is required. Failure to do this will result in your car not appearing on the tracker. (

Please submit the completed form below.

DO NOT change TBO in your confirmations.
DO NOT add any spaced around the commas. Thank you.
teamName,TBO,car,number,username,full driver name,country

Realistic NASCAR,TBO,FXO,02,Cornys,Cameron Corns,USA

Realistic NASCAR , TBO , FXO , 02 , Cornys , Cameron Corns , USA

Fast And Crazy,TBO,XRT,78,ventspils_619,Venelin Venelinov,Bulgaria
Fast And Crazy,TBO,XRT,46,BorislavB,Borislav Botev,Bulgaria
Fast Amd Crazy,TBO,XRT,53,kochomoch,Zlati Zlatev,Bulgaria
No Team,TBO,XRT,146,Max-biaggi,Pablo Santos,Portugal
Fast And Crazy,TBO,XRT,07,MVelikov,Mihail Velikov,Bulgaria
Last Lap Motorsports,TBO,FXO,29,Stig209,Timo Stadius,Finland

I may miss the Q
rForce™,TBO,XRT,52,Denny12,Tomáš Korený,Czech Republic
,TBO,XRT,09,Laipnieks,Andrejs Laipnieks,Latvia
Quote from ventspils_619 :Fast And Crazy,TBO,XRT,78,ventspils_619,Venelin Venelinov,Bulgaria

Withdrawn due to injured leg.Sorry guys, it will be so hard for me to drive.
none,TBO,XRT,39,N I K I,Nikifor Đaković,Bosnia and Herzegovina
Quote from Laipnieks :,TBO,XRT,09,Laipnieks,Andrejs Laipnieks,Latvia

Withdrawing confirmation. So busy day for me.
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none,TBO,FXO,50,zvone798,Mario Bubaš,Croatia
Quote from BorislavB :Fast And Crazy,TBO,XRT,46,BorislavB,Borislav Botev,Bulgaria

maybe will not drive in this round...
Quote from Stig209 :Last Lap Motorsports,TBO,FXO,29,Stig209,Timo Stadius,Finland

I may miss the Q

Misread the clock and as a result I won't make it to the race
Race Green Autosports,TBO,FXO,96,Eclipsed,Rony Kronpušs,Latvia
Quote from Flame CZE :SAVAGE SimSports,TBO,XRT,64,Flame CZE,Martin Kapal,Czech Republic
rForce™,TBO,XRT,52,Denny12,Tomáš Korený,Czech Republic

I am withdrawing since I won’t be able to arrive in time. Sorry

Aston Cadet 160 (R2) Confirmations
(17 posts, started )