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2013 Blackwood 200 (R1) Discussion
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2013 Blackwood 200 (R1) Discussion
Blackwood 200 @ Blackwood GP Reversed (BL1R)
61 laps on a track 3.307 kilometers (2.055 miles) in length.

Qualifying (25 min.) at 15:00 GMT on Sunday, September 1st
Pace lap begins at 15:35 GMT on Sunday, September 1st

Weather: Cloudy Afternoon with Low Winds

Pit Window: LFS Lap numbers 11 - 52 (race laps 10 through 51).

A four tire (tyre) pit stop will be required as in all rounds of the 2013 World TBO Championship Series. Race control will open pit lane inside of the pit window and it will remain open when possible regardless of track condition.

Discussion of this event may be made here . Anything other than race discussion will be removed and may be subject to penalty.
There server is online with the appropriate layout and car combination. Airio is also on the server although it will not force restrictions. No password required at the moment, but that can change if need be.

[WR] WTBOCS is the server name

Information will be sent to registered competitors some time on Friday or Early Saturday for those outside of the Americas
All registered competitors have been PM'ed race information . If you did not receive a PM and beleive that you should have please contact me.
Will be a stream?
Quote from cuprum :Will be a stream?

That would be quite a boring stream with 11 people...
dat not a probl, I just wanna see xD I can drive because my fps is small... but with 11 cars maybe will be ok
No, no stream. I would have attempted to make an arrangement for one, but as Flame stated, with a maximum of 11 competitors today it would be futile.
Thank you to those of you who were present today . As I stated following the race, if a race is as severly under attended as it was today I will reduce the duration of the race. I will be posting a thread addressing this shortly.

Those of you who were there were well behaved and we in race control had nothing to complain about. Thank you for sticking with us and completing the event.

2013 Blackwood 200 (R1) Discussion
(8 posts, started )