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16 hours 2013 - Aprils Fool
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16 hours 2013 - Aprils Fool
After a one year absence this year there will be another 16 hour race.

As we evalued different options one thing became clear for us: We can't have every car you liked in one race, so we are doing two this time.

One will be with the FO8, FOX and FBM on FE Black Rev

The other one will be with GT2, LRF and TBO on Rockingham.

As i have to work on many Weekends (that is why there was no race last year) i needed to place the race a bit earlier. It will take place from 10th to 11th of August 2013.

More News about this are to follow tomorrow.
Nice to see this Event coming back.

EDIT : I'm abit feared of April joke ......
Looking forward to it.
Any other track if rockingham won't be available to this date?
#4 - kiste
I think it is a aprilfool?! Since you made it last years mostly
Every 16h race was being announced on April the 1st.
Good news but SS endu sucks

16 hours 2013 - Aprils Fool
(5 posts, started )