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GenR FBMC 2013 – Rules
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GenR FBMC 2013 – Rules
Hello racers!
You can find the 2013 GenR FBM Championship rulebook here - it will updated within the next two days with the new changes to sign-ups etc. Big thanks to Dominik 'Deutschland2007' Engel for letting us use his GT Masters rulebook.

It's a document with roughly 9 pages, mostly explaining all procedures and which penalties may be given for incidents and violations of various rules. The series organisers reserve the right to edit the document at any time should we feel it is necessary.

If you find any errors of spelling, numbering, or loopholes in the rules, please let me know.
Hey guys, just thought I'd announce a new update in the rules:

- Skins should either be uploaded to LFS World or on the LFS Forum FBMC skin thread before the event. (Skins will be checked during the event)

- Changes to the teams are now allowed any time until the start of qualifying and have to be announced by the Team Manager.

- 107% rule won't be applied to pre-qualifying anymore, but we reserve the right to remove drivers from the event in case they are unable to drive in a safe manner.

- Signed-up drivers who didn't do pre-qualifying are allowed to start the event in case of less than 30 pre-qualifiers, they have to start from the back of the field in numerical order of their starting numbers.
Rule book (v2.2 to v2.3) has now also been officially updated.

GenR FBMC 2013 – Rules
(3 posts, started )