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GenR FBMC 2013 – Sign-Ups
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GenR FBMC 2013 – Sign-Ups
Hello racers!
The sign-ups are still open for the fifth and last round at Fernbay Gold - 52 laps - on Sunday, the 7th April 2013. Those that already have signed-up, don't need to anymore. You can find the current list sign-ups and used numbers in this Google Document (Matt 'theSAgibbs' Streeter is thankfully taking care of this). Next team has to use numbers 53, 54 - followed by the numbers 55, 56 for the team after that, etc.

Should there be less than 30 pre-qualifiers, drivers that have signed-up may start at the back of the field placed in numerical order of the left spaces. However, do you want to drive surely, attend the pre-qualifying. The 107% rule isn't applied for pre-qualifying anymore but should we see you are not able to drive in a safe manner, we remain the right to ask you to spectate and not leave the pits for the remainder of the event.

Important to know for the final round: Changes to the line-up are possible at any time until the start of qualifying at 18:00 UTC. They have to be announced in this thread by the team manager.

Please include the following information:
Quote :Team Name:
Team Manager:
Starting Numbers for the Cars:

A sign-up can look like the following:
Quote :Team Name: Genuine Racing #1
Team Manager: Francois Maris (Framaris)
Starting Numbers for the Cars: 03, 04
03, Dominik Engel, Deutschland2007, Germany
04, Francois Maris, Framaris, France

Signed-Up Teams: 24
Signed-Up Drivers: 47
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GenR FBMC 2013 – Sign-Ups
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