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GenR FBMC 2013 - News & Announcements
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GenR FBMC 2013 - News & Announcements
On Wednesday, 23rd January, the GenR FBM Championship 2013 season kicked off on Blackwood GP. The drivers had to master 57 laps for the race making it a bit harder to balance speed versus tyre saving. Pole position went to Joonas Koskinen with a 1:12.110. Valtteri Pitkänen made it an all Vortex eSports front row. After the start, it emerged to be a two way battle between the pole sitter and James Peace. The battle intensified with three laps to go when both collided losing valuable time and causing troubles for Koskinen who suffered a left rear puncture a few corners later. With a damaged front left suspension, Peace came under pressure in the last lap from Sascha Riegler and Vadim Nikiforov. On the entry to the corner after the long backstraight, Peace touched Riegler's right rear tyre pushing the latter into the gravel and giving Vadim Nikiforov the chance to grab first position. With two corners to go, Peace suffered a left rear puncture as well. Overall this meant Nikiforov for AirAttack #1 won the season start infront of Riegler who started from P7. Peace saved P3 after chaotic last laps for him. Out of 16 starting drivers, 15 saw the chequered flag - sadly Plamen Gospodinov from BurnoutCrew suffered a connection failure.

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A Little reminder for the participants of our GenR FBMC 2013: Should you be interested to drive round 2 of the championship on KY32r, you are still able to set a lap time within 107% of the fastest driver's lap time, until today, 19:00 UTC!
As you can see, we have recieved a sub-forum on the LFS forum to host our events.

The next round takes place on Aston Chicane Route (AS12) on Wednesday, the 27th March 2013. Sign-ups will still be open until the start of pre-qualifying on Sunday, 24th March 2013, 19:00 UTC. In case that you sign-up, do not forget to post your skins until the start of qualifying if you did not already do so.

Here the all needed information:
» GenR FBMC 2013: Season Schedule
» GenR FBMC 2013: Sign-Ups
» GenR FBMC 2013: Skins
» GenR FBMC 2013: Rules

Specifically for this upcoming round:
» FBMC 2013 R4 Aston Chicane Route - Information

The & GenR FBMC 2013 server is currently open for practise.
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GenR FBMC 2013 - News & Announcements
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