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Kyoto 400 Commercial Contest
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Kyoto 400 Commercial Contest
The 2013 Kyoto 400 takes place on 17 February 2013 and starts at 17:00 GMT. For the broadcast of this event we would like to hold a commercial making contest. Make a commercial for anything that you like from your LFS race team, to your favorite fast food restaurant or even an upcoming race event which you will be administrating or competing in. Or you could even advertize yourself.

This commercial must not be made publicly viewable until after the Kyoto 400 has been streamed. If we discover that your commercial was viewable before that time then we will not show your commercial and we will not count votes for your commercial. Your commercial musthave a title. Don't release the title of your commercial. We don't want people to know who made each commercial, we just want them to vote based on content. All content must be appropriate for viewers over the age of 13 or it will not be permitted on the air. Realistic NASCAR Officials are not permitted to enter or to win, but they still may submit commercials to show during the broadcast. They will not be included in the voting process however.

Minimum Run-Time: 15 seconds
Maximum Run-Time: 45 seconds

Entries must be e-mailed to me at prior to February 16th at 5:00 GMT in a format which would be playable directly on a PC. In this e-mail, along with your attached commercial, please provide the following information:

Commercial Title:
Creator's Identification*:
Creator's Full Name:
What your commercial promotes:
Length of Commercial (in seconds):

* - See this post for more information.

All submitted commercials will be aired if time allows. Before the race a thread will be released which will allow everybody to vote on their favorite commercials through the event. Only commercial titles will be shown in this poll, so you may want to make sure that you include the title of your commercial in your video. This poll will be left open for 8 days. After that time a winner will be announced based upon that poll.

If we know that there are too many entries then we will select as many as we can and show them during the race, and the rest will be shown directly following the race. I don't foresee this happening however.

The winner will receive a certificate and continued air time on Realistic NASCAR Broadcasts. All entries will receive publicity for their efforts during the livestream of the 2nd Annual Kyoto 400 on February 17th.

Good luck

You may state that you are making a video here in this thread, but please don't say anything specific about your video. You may provide others with a progress report as well, but once again, no specifics
Actually a cool idea. I will make one :-)
The idea is great.
Can the clips have audio?
Might have to give this a go
Quote from Gutholz :The idea is great.
Can the clips have audio?

Yes, they may have audio . I suggest that they do
#6 - Myffe
Can I make more than one?
Quote from Myffe :Can I make more than one?

You may, but please specify which once is your favorite when you submit it in case there is not enough room in the broadcast for everybody's
Closing date for entries?
I must be blind :doh:
Also, are group efforts allowed? What if they don't have LFS accounts? Or must it be done by oneself?
Wish i knew where the old thread for kyoto commercials went many moons ago. I uploaded a entry that i wanna see.
Sorry for the late response, but group efforts are allowed. If there is not a group of LFSWorld Names you may include the real names of these people (or a mix of the two, or the name of that group). The choice is theirs.

This will only be used to announce who made the winning and non-winning commercials, so you may decide what way you'd like to do this

Updated the information prompt in the opening post.
Deadline was supposed to be in 16 min. I have extended it 6 days in order to maybe get a few more entries . OP updated
Quote from Cornys :Deadline was supposed to be in 16 min. I have extended it 6 days in order to maybe get a few more entries . OP updated

Trying to render something that actually looks watchable...can I still participate though im late?
Quote from Myffe :Trying to render something that actually looks watchable...can I still participate though im late?

Yup, we only received 2 other entries anyways
K, sent it.
All 3 commercials shown on the stream, Cornys will post the links soon.

Commercial #1 - XR Commercial
Commercial #2 - Zero-K "Fairytale" Trailer
Commercial #3 - Factory Baked Goodness

Kyoto 400 Commercial Contest
(18 posts, started )