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2013 Preparation Test Session
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2013 Preparation Test Session
Notice: This event will use version 0.6E of the Live For Speed softwear, so be sure to upgrade before participation

All drivers who are registered to participate in the 2012 World TBO Championship Series are asked to attend a test session at 14:00 GMT on December 2, 2012. TeamSpeak will be required for this session!

Server: Realistic NASCAR Server
Password: 2013
Channel: Realistic NASCAR

This will strictly be a test session and the duration of this is yet to be determined. Hopefully it will be short, because our proposals for change are working, but it could last up to an hour and a half. Attendance is not required, so you will be permitted to leave at any time if you attend. This is not a race.

I will be PM'ing some drivers who I greatly wouild like to see come out.

Thanks for the help, and I hope that thanks to this test the 2013 World TBO Championship Series will be even better than the 2012 Season
Will you upgrade to new version 6C ... or maybe its already done
Yes, we will be doing this shortly if not tonight
Reminder to all that tomorrow is our test session for 2013. This will take place mostly at AS1 so this may also provide for some quality practice time. We hope to see you out tomorrow early and thank you for your continued support to the World TBO Championship Series

This wouldn't be possible without people like you
Tomorrow clashes with GT1 Challenge.

E: Double checked the time, pretty big gap between the 2. Nvm

2013 Preparation Test Session
(5 posts, started )