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Round 6 - TBO @ Aston Grand Prix
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Round 6 - TBO @ Aston Grand Prix

Mo., 29th Oct. 2012, 19.30h (UTC)

Aston Grand Prix (As5)

afternoon cloudy (2), no wind (0)

TBOs: FXO Turbo (FXO) with 7% intake restriction & RB4 GT & XR GT Turbo (XRT) with 3% intake restriction

15 minutes hardcore qualification (info)
20 laps racedistance

full points for the race according to the current pointing scheme

The tracker can be found on on the bottom of the following page:

The pre-event lap requirement of 20 laps must be served until 19.00h UTC on the raceday. Since this race takes place at a standard combo, laps can be served at any server connected to LFS World.
Signed-Up drivers who cannot race this round (including those who fail to meet the lap requirement) must state their absence by posting in the corresponding CityLiga forum thread (link). Failure to do so will result in a 60 point penalty on the first occasion and in a exclusion from the series after the second occasion. This procedure also applies to waiting list drivers.
Please note: this is the first race after the daylight-saving-time in Germany has come back the weekend just before and we go from [UTC+2] to [UTC+1], what means that the qualification will start at 19.30h UTC!
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Round 6 - TBO @ Aston Grand Prix
(5 posts, closed, started )