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Blackwood 200 (Round 3) Discussion Thread
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Blackwood 200 (Round 3) Discussion Thread
Discussion regarding the 2012 Blackwood 200 (Round #3 of the 2012 World TBO Championship Series) may be made here.

Round 3 – Blackwood 200 – 61 laps at BL1 – October 14, 2012 – 16:00 GMT - Official Layout - Weather

Qualifying Begins: 16:00 GMT
Race begins (if qualifying in 1 group): 16:45 GMT
Estimated Race Conclusion: 18:10 GMT

A pre-race driver breifing will be PM'ed to all registered competitors and may be in the form of a video or text. All participants are expected to watch or read all of this text. This will occur overnight for most drivers (based on their local time) on Friday night/Saturday morning.

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LFS Remote:
SPDO Scoring:
Why on the tracker there are two #18 ?
Sorry must of copied it twice by mistake. Thanks
1 stupid Q now cus I cant get the information anywhere in this forum!
What's the maximum cars on the grid at the race?

One more Q :-)
At the tracker there's a link called "Spotters guide"
So I checked out myself on that and it says this:
car 55, Sweden M.Sjöblom Team Vires

Well, I hope i got a good contract with em ... to my knowledge I'm one of the founder of IRM and Cawwa (listed beeing in IRM) is still my team mate ... I hope ;-)
I am sure that the max grid is 30.
And I am going off the entry list
I usually update it but will not be able to update it this round.
Max race grid is 30, we have 34 confirmed for the Blackwood 200 at this time. If more than 32 drivers attempt to qualify the session will be ran in two groups. Each group will have 20 min. each if that is required. I hope there will be 30
Qualifying begins today in 1:55. We hope to see everybody there.

Good luck to those who are competing today
what a great race from my side !
I'm so sory, but IRL matter had to go first. Haden't the possibility to tell you until now ...
Grats to Isaac for race win. He finally got it, as he wanted it so much.

The wind was little bit roughed in the race for me, at start especially and so Isaac got alongside. I decided I was going to race very clean and left room everywhere, because afterall this race was all about finishing on podium as it was my chance to take the lead in championship, obviously since Joe missed the round for his own matters. Weirdly enough, the car slipped ever so slightly and we made small contact and as a consequence my RR camber was dammed and so was the chicane and last corner for the rest of the race, couple of most important corners for regaining race lead.

I was pushing hard for so long, but weirdly even when Isaac missed an apex he would get the exit right and I wasn't any closer.. or I would get close and then one of those left corners appeared (mostly last turn). Anyway, I backed off ever so slightly and finished the race on the podium to take the lead of drivers championship in my bid for this years title.

Also grats to this Jacob in RB4, I guess that wind worked perfectly for you.
Yeah, I can't say its "overdue" because in round 1 and round 2 I wasnt ever in a position where I was thinking about winning the race. But for me I usually have wins in most things I drive, so not even being close in round 1 and 2 was a bit annoying. I also knew I need to start winning races if I want to win the overall championship, which even now is still a long shot. Thanks for the congratulations in server etc, its been a pretty good week all in all with the 24h win and now getting my first win of the season here.

I dont think this race was that different to all the others, I dont think on raw pace I was still fast enough. I think the wind didnt help things for me either, and the weather change also threw me a little and when your leading the race its harder to adapt to stuff like that because you cant afford to make a mistake but can afford to be a little bit slower and make good exits etc.

My start was shocking, got distracted by Cornys putting a message before the race start but luckily I could hold onto P2 in t1. That was pretty much the main difference, I didnt lose the 1 second in first few corners so I could attack before everything got settled down. Niki braked too early for the corner at the end of the back straight and got all over the kerb on the inside which let me get a run on him, tried a little lunge in the chicane after that, was pretty close to a contact there which could have sent him around we just about gave each other space. Got myself into a position into the 2nd last corner where I was on the outside, I didnt really expect anything but Niki was pretty cautious and allowed me to get a great cutback, I was still behind going into the last corner but managed to get around the outside, some small contact but nothing which you dont expect when you go side by side in that corner. Chanced my luck and got lucky that Niki was thinking about the points I guess.

After that I was trying to pull a gap, but overheated tyres by braking a little too late a few times in t1. I couldnt really get the gap more than 1s, it was between 1s and .6 until Niki got caught out by a backmarker and nearly slid into the back of me. At that point it was still only 1s but I knew it was a good chance to try and get a gap as its difficult to keep focus when that happens. Got the gap upto around 3 seconds when the safety car came out. Was a bit worried about the restart, but managed to hold the lead even though the phone went literally just as I was braking for t1 on the 2nd lap making me fail it totally. Was a pretty similar story for me at the first part of the race, couldnt really extend the gap but then Niki knew he had to make something happen...tried and made a mistake and then I just capitalised on that and made sure not to give him any free presents as I knew I wasn't driving at my best.

All in all, my pace wasn't great even compared to my own practice pace. I don't know how much was wind and how much just not being in good form on this particular day. But winning the race was the target and I got that, but know that I just took the chance I got given by Niki's mistake and that I need to step up a level for the remaining races if I want to stay in the fight for the championship until the end.
Once again, the brainless idiots working at ZON have made it impossible for me to even join the server for the race. Feeling like shit for having to miss this. Sorry guys.
meh race

qual 13 only because i hate this track and just could never got a good lap in.
after t1 went and haved no contact i try to stay on a comfortable pace to save tyre and keep gap. somehow i ended up in 4th. after 2-3laps i was pass by a fxo and for 20laps i was follow him and he maintain 1sec gap the whole time.

unlucky for me the sc came out. i did maybe some over optimistic tyre warming and spun and ended up at back of grid. after restart there was major fail in t1 and in a lap i got back to 9th.

sadly i had to leave the early but i guess i learned alot from this race and i hope to do better next.
Thanx Corny and the other admins for a great Event

As expected I did quali on the last row on the grid so I was rather layed back in my expectations gaining any positions.
But my race speed was obviously better, ended up 16:th, he he nothing to bribe about, but I'm pleased with that

Had some really fun fights with the pack around me, so imo it was a fun event.

One thing that needs to be improved thou is the pacecar behaviour and double file starts. In the second half of the field it was totally chaos, we had no idea on which side to position our car, and when the green flag was announced cars were panic breaking everywhere cus the pack ahead were stuck

Corny, at start/restart, pls tell which side to place odd and even cars on, then I think it will be much less confusion, and no panic breaking in the end ...
And I really wonder if some of u who span out during the pacecarlaps have read the rules, it clearly states that you loose your position then, and have to rejoin safely wherever you can ... you are not supposed to flash, honk and hit cars ahead of u in anger to regain your lost position ... that position is lost if you mess up when warming tires.
Quote from sjoblom :

One thing that needs to be improved thou is the pacecar behaviour and double file starts.

doesnt help because blackwood so short straight. maybe best restart would be straight after chicane. long so opeople can get double file easy with no confused people
Have to admit that there is something wrong with restarts,because every one on last half of grid are braking on green flag just to avoid that illegal pass,instead of accelerating...
Probably double file doesnt exactly help when you arent allowed to pass before the line
afaik it's nascar style, there is small toleration.
I did state that inside was right, but I gave the one to go signal later than I should have. I should have given it on the back straight or before. Teemed with that, the short straight was an issue which cased small gaps which needed closed before the green. The field did spread out on the flag as it was designed to do and most drivers maintained their position as they were supposed to, but there was an issue towards the rear.

The Green Flag was thrown at 53:23.99 for those who would like to look at it. The issues at the back look as though they were a result of the rear few drivers closing the gap to the rest of the field because they were unsure as to where to line-up. I need to give that double file signal at the start/finish line so that the grid is already established by the time the green is given like it is in our oval events .

Our administration team has been down a vital member (Speedy J) for the entire series, and yesterday Sobis was missing as well. I'm likely to bring in a new member to the team for the next round. Once we move onto the oval events this winter we might even need to gain 2 members to make up for Speedy's absence and provide us with more help should another member of the team be absent.

The team does a lot behind the scenes that you guys don't see, and honestly, a lot of the credit for how well these events do run I credit to them. Most if not all of the mistakes which occur are my fault, so the credit for this series should go to Kid222, Jonathon.provost, sobis, and jsrk. I just put all of their input together and instruct the competitors accordingly. The fairness of the series can be contributed entirely to them.

I noticed that the #21 was out of place on the restart upon race review. That was my fault . At the one to go, I'll actually give the one to go from now on unless the track is as long as Kyoto GP. This way I can check the grid fully rather than rushing. 6 laps of caution flag is bad too. I'm sorry I kept you guys waiting that long. Even in the oval events I was able to keep most yellows to under 6 laps. I think I got everything sorted out correctly other than the SC pass (which was taken care of in the official results) and the #21 being out of position. The stack up at the final 3 rows will hopefully be fixed following this minor change

I hope that we won't have to have another restart though
Quote from Cornys :I did state that inside was right

Yes I saw that on the chat, but I had no idea what it meant, and I guess there were more than me that didn't know that :detective I might have missed that part in your rulebook ...

So with "inside is on the right" you mean that the leading car is starting on the right side (inside lane), so all the odd cars should be on that side, and even on the left side?
Quote from sjoblom :Yes I saw that on the chat, but I had no idea what it meant, and I guess there were more than me that didn't know that :detective I might have missed that part in your rulebook ...

So with "inside is on the right" you mean that the leading car is starting on the right side (inside lane), so all the odd cars should be on that side, and even on the left side?

Yes, the highest running car in each row (odd position as you said) should start on the inside of the track (according to turn #1 which was right at BL1)

I'll be more clear on that next time. Thanks for the feedback guys

Blackwood 200 (Round 3) Discussion Thread
(27 posts, started )