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Round 3 - LX4 @ Fern Bay Classic
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Round 3 - LX4 @ Fern Bay Classic

Mo., 17th Sep. 2012, 18.30h (UTC)

Fern Bay Classic (F25)

day clear (1), low wind (1)

LX4 (LX4)

15 minutes timed qualification
43 laps racedistance with a mandatory pitstop between lap 3 and 40

The pre-event lap requirement of 43 laps must be served until 18.00h UTC on the raceday. As this is an open configuration, you must serve your minimum laps on your corresponding Grid Server. Grid 1 drivers on the Grid 1 server, Grid 2 on the Grid 2 server and Grid 3 and Waiting List drivers on the Grid 3 server.
Signed-Up drivers who cannot race this round (including those who fail to meet the lap requirement) must state their absence by posting in the corresponding CityLiga forum thread (link). Failure to do so will result in a 60 point penalty on the first occasion and in an exclusion from the series after the second occasion. This procedure also applies to waiting list drivers.
First briefing: ... X4--F24-17Sep).html#18145

Feel free to ask further questions therem here or in the CL-Teamspeak from Monday 20.15h on ;-)

Additional notes:
* as there are some suspensions within Grid3, the chances to participate for the drivers from the waiting list are quite good
* after this round, there will be the first relegations of the season
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Round 3 - LX4 @ Fern Bay Classic
(3 posts, closed, started )